With You, POVO turns 10!

Society & Culture | By Masimba Biriwashe, Writer | 21 November 2014

This year we are celebrating 10 years since the inception of the  POVO journal, and we have decided to kick it up a notch. As we contemplated 10 years of building this movement, the big question was if you want to honour ten years of putting something together, where exactly do you start? First things first, tens years is a big thing even though in retrospect, it appears like a flash. A lot has happened indeed. Too much in fact.

Just to get some ideas on how to celebrate this momentous occasion, we looked at how they do it in marriage. Apparently, tin is the traditional material for the 10th wedding anniversary. Blue sapphire, aluminium and diamond are the alternate modern jewellery material for the 10th anniversary. Interesting.

To stay on the safe side, we decided to stick to what we do and have always done best: building a great conversation. That’s our mission. We love gathering ideas to spark great conversation. At our heart, we are really about one thing: YOU. You are what makes POVO great.

We seek to surprise and amuse, provoke and enlighten, and inform and inspire at the confluence of style and substance. Every time we’ve put together an issue of the POVO journal, the guiding ethos has always been reaching out to the next horizon with stories and ideas that intrigue us, and hopefully you.

This issue is what you’ve come to expect in and love POVO magazine: we’ve gems carefully selected for you.  This 10-year anniversary issue is a celebratory one in which we riff on the kinds of ideas and imagery that have been the lifeblood of the POVO journal.

As is our culture, we asked our contributors to go on a wild ride about ideas they’re passionate about. And what we got was absolutely mind-blowing. We’ve a piece about mothers that are being turned into factories for babies, one about re-imagining our heroes, one about the meaning of being indigenous. We broadened our lenses a bit as well and asked contributors from outside Zimbabwe to share their single, most important ideas.

The mishmash of ideas in this issue will certainly take you to new heights. Take a quick look at 10 Warning Signs That You are a ‘90s Kid, just to make sure that you are compatibles with the new times.  We certainly hope that the remarkable people and extraordinary ideas featured in the journal will inspire you to see, feel and do better as well as pave the way for progress.
As always, and hopefully for a long time going forward, we hope you enjoy the POVO journal. Together, we can celebrate great ideas and images, and of course, the next ten years.