Zimbabwe childrens games of the 90s - Hwai Hwai

Sport | By Baynham Goredema, Designer | 30 April 2013

This game was similar to a rugby tackling exercise and a game called Red Rover. It consisted of two lines which made up the home bases.

How to play
The game starts with one player in the middle of the two home bases who then calls over all the people with "Hwai hwai huyai".
To which the group then responds, "Tinotya".
The player then asks "Munotyei?" and the group responds with "Tinotya mapere".
The caller reassures them with "Mapere akaenda Wedza" then the group runs from one home base to the next.
The person in the middle tries to grab at one player, whom once caught joins the caller in the middle to start the process over again as a duo.
The duo then invites the group again to come over. Ultimately, it gets more difficult to get to a home base as the number of people in the middle slowly exceeds those running across.
This continues until there is no one to call over.