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Batsirai Chigama
Paradox to a Child
Batsirai Chigama - Poet | 31 October 2014 |
There is something about Harare in spring that reminds me of my mother  - Read More
Heart Art Paintings
Zvafadza Soko - Artist | 31 October 2014 |
To use art to spread the awareness that we are a major part of nature – not apart from nature  - Read More
Fungai Machirori - My Journey into Photography
Fungai Machirori - Blogger | 31 October 2014 |
I believe that everything begins with passion and drive. If you really want to get something, fight for it. Prove the doubters wrong.   - Read More
Are you Watching me?
Dudu Manhenga - Musician | 31 October 2014 |
To them I have it all figured out but do I?  - Read More
The Amoeba Project
The Amoeba Project
Claire Dongo - Animator | 31 October 2014 |
I was part of a team of four people who worked on this project two of us being Zimbabwean  - Read More
Georgina Maxim - Artist | 31 October 2014 |
I began to develop that word and gave much relevance to my works and my everyday happenings, just the way a designer expands his thumbnail ideas  - Read More
Nyaradzo Dhliwayo
Lest we forget
Nyaradzo Dhliwayo - Photographer | 31 October 2014 |
Lest we ever have the propensity to forget so easily our history   - Read More
Mwemwas Twins
Telling her story...
Rudo Nyangulu - Lawyer | 31 October 2014 |
There are few who can speak of a lower standing in society than a poor black Afrikan girl child, except perhaps for that girl born HIV positive  - Read More
Beautifully Woman
Hope Masike - Musician | 31 October 2014 |
The Afrikan woman is strong, virtuous, respectful, motherly, warm, just and firm too  - Read More
Deborah, the Game Changer
Chiratidzo Chiweshe - Graphic Designer | 31 October 2014 |
Limitations. Glass ceilings. Barriers to progress. Doors closed in your face. All the reasons why they say you can’t  - Read More
Dress to Express: Adornment as Art
Anthea Taderera - Lawyer/Blogger | 31 October 2014 |
It is the element of expression that I am particularly fascinated by  - Read More
What’s in a Name?
Nebila Abdulmelik - Activist | 31 October 2014 |
You don’t decide my worth  - Read More
Nyabingi Celebration
Nyabingi Celebration
Annie Mpalume - Photographer | 31 October 2014 |
They are people who love God and believe all life, regardless of skin colour, class, education level, is worthy of love and respect  - Read More
It’s Not Fair
Zanele Mhlaba - Blogger | 31 October 2014 |
There was something about being the girl child that felt very restrictive and much of the policing was reserved for us  - Read More
Women Artists Need Economic Independence Now!
Patience Tawengwa - Director | 31 October 2014 |
It is mostly men who are running the show in the industry and equally it is mostly men who control the very little funding available to the Zimbabwean  - Read More
Rewriting the Story for Zimbabwean Girls
Alexia Paradzai - Founder of AfroFresco | 31 October 2014 |
I think the major reason so many young girls don’t give themselves a genuine shot at succeeding lies in stories we tell them about themselves  - Read More
Women Empowerment - Keeping the Promise
Lynnette Mahlaba - Humanitarian | 31 October 2014 |
Overwhelmed with the many promises made they leave the house in search of fulfilling these promises  - Read More
Women and Sexmatics
Wadzanai Chiuriri - Poet | 31 October 2014 |
The dynamics of sexual exchange-like any other form of exchange in diverse relationships - involve expectations  - Read More
Forever Young
Ntombikayise Kanyoka - Radio Producer / Voice Over Artist | 31 October 2014 |
I’m a size 36… Okay, okay I’m a size 38!  - Read More
Finding Myself
Christine Ndoro - Fine Artist | 31 October 2014 |
You want the world to see itself as you see it yet you never stop to realise it is falling because of the way you treat it  - Read More