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The 2012 Showreel from Art’s view
Aurthur Mataruse - Unboxed | 23 June 2013 |
Robert Nester Marley’s revolutionary and spiritual journey started from a young age, being spawned from a black woman and a white man he was society’s  - Read More
Image Is Everything
Nqobizitha Mlilo - Animator | 23 June 2013 |
Images that people can grow to expect and bank on over time, brands that your audience can relate to and in turn subscribe to  - Read More
Desmond Munemo - Relations | 23 June 2013 |
Greeting and smiling are not the only means through which humans can express their sense of oneness  - Read More
The Eradication of Poverty
Tendai Mufunda - Activist | 23 June 2013 |
There is a “Zim Clean” initiative which not only intends on cleaning the country but to also bring the community together in a spirit of oneness  - Read More
State of Break Dance in Zimbabwe
Plot Mhako - Artist | 23 June 2013 |
Only a handful of dance crews have managed to go professional and dance for a living and majority struggling with lack of originality, support and pro  - Read More
Akala speaks about evolution of the rhythmic speech
Evolution of the rhythmic speech of Rap
Akala Music - Musician | 19 May 2013 |
The Jamaican accent really lends itself so easily to rap  - Read More
Comrade Fatso discusses the aims of the Shoko Festival
What Shoko Festival aims to achieve
Comrade Fatso - Activist | 19 May 2013 |
It’s about creating those spaces  - Read More
Godobori spits his poem
Godobori poem at Shoko Slam Poetry Express
Godobori - Musician | 19 May 2013 |
The system keeps on coming on strong  - Read More
Beware of taking the historical context out of hip hop
Akala Music - Musician | 19 May 2013 |
What we've got to be very careful as hip hop artists is that we don’t allow rap to held as a scapegoat by society  - Read More
Comrade Fatso and Outspoken, the brains behind the Shoko Festival
Challenges of organising a festival in Zimbabwe
Outspoken - Musician/Activist | 19 May 2013 |
We needed to create that market just make something available for people  - Read More
Upmost and Outspoken at the Shoko Hip Hop concert
Shoko hip hop concert
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 19 May 2013 |
Shoko Hip Hop concert  - Read More
Comrade Fatso, Akala, Hired Gun and Outspoken, the panelists a at the Shoko Festival Press Conference
Shoko press Conference
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 19 May 2013 |
History of Hip Hop at the Shoko Press Conference  - Read More
Xapa, Zimbabwe at Shoko Poetry Slam Express
Shoko Festival Slam Poetry Express
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 18 May 2013 |
The inaugural Poetry Slam Express at the Shoko Festival was held at the Mannenberg in Harare  - Read More
I arrived at the ground and was greeted by the new ticket
Around The Ground Report: Zimbabwe vs Pakistan 3rd ODI
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 17 May 2013 |
HSC has lost that personal touch where you could wander from Castle corner to the Keg  - Read More
Elton endeared himself with the fans at Castle Corner by smiling at the yappers…
Around the Ground Report: Zimbabwe Vs Pakistan T20
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 17 May 2013 |
Harare Sports Club, Zimbabwe 2011  - Read More
How do we as designers and artists see ourselves
Tafadzwa Gutsa - Graphic Designer | 17 May 2013 |
How do we see our roles  - Read More
Shingai Shoniwa of the Noisettes doing her thing at HIFA
The Noisettes at HIFA
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 17 May 2013 |
Shingai Shoniwa and The Noisettes left no stone unturned  - Read More
Busi Ncube with Edith We Utonga at HIFA
Edith We Utonga and the legendary Busi Ncube
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 17 May 2013 |
Busi Ncube and Edith We Utonga in an unforgettable collaboration  - Read More
Roki and Mampi take a bow for the audience at HIFA
Roki and Mampi
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 16 May 2013 |
Big Brother Africa house mates Roki and Mampi rock HIFA  - Read More
Chikwata.263 brings mbira punk to HIFA
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 16 May 2013 |
Chikwata.263 rocked the Coca Cola Green  - Read More