Zimbabwe Coat of Arms

By POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 03 April 2013

The coat of arms depicts two kudus on the left and right, each standing on top of an earthly mound composed of stalks of wheat, a pile of cotton, and a head of maize. At their feet there is also a banner emblazoned with the Zimbabwean national motto (Unity, Freedom, Work). The shield itself is green, featuring 14 waves of alternating white and blue waved lines at top (chief argent), and also at the center of the shield a representation of the ancient Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe is shown. Placed behind the shield are an agricultural hoe (to the left) and an automatic rifle (to the right).

The meanings of the Zimbabwean coat of arms are as follows:
Kudus: the unity of Zimbabwe's various ethnic groups
Earthly Mound with plants: the need to always provide for the Zimbabweans
Motto Banner: the need to maintain national unity and the preservation of freedom
Green Shield: the fertility of the country's soil and water
Great Zimbabwe: the historical heritage of the nation
Hoe and Rifle: Celebrates the struggle for peace and democracy, as well as the proud work-ethic of the Zimbabwean people. They also symbolise the transition from war to peace.
Strips of Silk of gold and green: the national financial enterprise and the protection of the economy
Red Star: hope for the future of Zimbabwe. Conveys the Socialist revolutionary nature of the 1980 achievement of majority rule, and the struggle towards a fair, equal society.
Great Zimbabwe Bird: national identity
Blue and White Wavy Lines: Victoria Falls, water which brings prosperity.