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HIFA 2012
A Show of Spirit, points to both the vibrant nature of HIFA, and the passion and aspiration of audiences. - Read More
HIFA 2011
“The Engagement Party,” stressed community engagement. With the them being engagement, it was only fitting that 2011 was the year that we decided to proactively engage the POVO family which had grown considerably. - Read More
HIFA 2010
It has survived the many challenges of the past decade and forged ahead proudly, demonstrating all the best facets of what makes a Zimbabwean a Zimbabwean - industrious, fun-loving, humorous, serious, generous, welcoming, hospitable, and above all, always ready and able to “make a plan” to find t - Read More
HIFA 2009
HIFA 2009, marks the festival's 10th anniversary, will be conducted under the theme "enlighTENment". Enlightenment is the striving for and achievement of greater knowledge and understanding, the process through which we 'see the light'. - Read More
HIFA 2008
Will be centred on collaborations as the festival strives to create more synergies between local and international artists.  - Read More
HIFA is a 6-day annual festival and workshop programme that showcases the very best of local, regional and international arts and culture in a comprehensive festival programme of theatre, dance, music, circus, street performance, spoken word, visual arts. - Read More