A List of quotations

As the ground rises to meet you, field and park and forest, in the deepest hues and faint, is framed and sliced and signed by roads and paths and dotted by buildings - Full Article
Elphas Were
Youth employment is rightly becoming an increasing focus of development cooperation and never before have there been so many young job seekers around the globe and more so in developing countries where their numbers will continue to grow in the future - Full Article
Susan Mutambasere
My children have at some point questioned why I use a different name from them, but as they grow older, they now appreciate the dynamics of a family unit - Full Article
Anesu Chigariro
Legalised abortion would not result in fast-food-style drive-through abortion clinics for “fast and loose” women - Full Article
Doreen Anyijukire
The Ugandan government of the late 1980s pledged to eliminate discrimination against women in official policy and practice, eliminating prejudice in public education - Full Article
Tinashe Muchuri
Pane imwe nguva muverengi akaverenga bhuku rimwe anenge averenga nyaya dzose zvichisakiswa nengari yokuti manyorerwe acho anondoda kuenderana  - Full Article
Pane imwe nguva muverengi akaverenga bhuku rimwe anenge averenga nyaya dzose zvichisakiswa nengari yokuti manyorerwe acho anondoda kuenderana  - Full Article
Christine Ndoro
I can never say I hate the rain. It brings as much bad, as it does good, yet it is so necessary. Rains are like change in our lives. I want to explore this a little further - Full Article
Shaun Matsheza
The way we train our young people in some ways stifles their creativity, and emphasizes prestige over passion. I know many people who are today stuck in professions they are miserable in, simply because they chose ‘serious’ professions  - Full Article
Desmond Munemo
While society perceives men and women as equal in marriage, I disagree. I argue that it is the duty of every married man to give direction to marriage - Full Article
Zororo S. Mubaya
In addition bullied teenagers are more likely to use alcohol as a coping mechanism - Full Article
Our greatest undoing is our inertia, our love for theatrical pub talks and possession by the demon of conspicuous consumption. We are the one minute crowd that wants things now in their finished and processed form - Full Article
Ryan Chokureva
In its true sense xenophobia is just an irrational fear and dislike of people from other nations. It is not violence. Violence is an expression on one’s emotions and frustration, which is a choice and an active decision  - Full Article
Tatenda Kanengoni
If we look back to the abode of all things oppressive, times where masters owned servants who were divided into classes consisting of those who lived closer to their masters and those who worked in the fields - Full Article
Slick Thug
He is one artist who believes that his competition is in South Africa not back home in Zimbabwe - Full Article
Rudo Chasi
Studying abroad gave me the opportunity to become my own person and a chance to be able to form my own opinions about anything and so I started seeing the world from a different perspective - Full Article
Tafadzwa Gutsa
Industrial design involves creating products that people use - Full Article
Linda Gabriel
As much as a lot of us sisters say we are busy, I strongly feel we are rather acting busy - Full Article
Doreen Anyijukire
Women are married off through the same cultural procedure called Okuhingira (giveaway) whereby the girl’s family sends off their daughter officially for marriage by giving her different gifts - Full Article
How a learner could look so clever and yet not be able to read, spell, write and comprehend printed materials is amazing - Full Article