A List of quotations

Hope Masike
Someone else can feel a relationship with their ancestors, Allah etc. but it’s more a spiritual relationship with your God, whoever your God is. - Full Article
Hope Masike
The spirit of sharing was very important as was working hard because we had to look after each other together.  - Full Article
David Chinyama
Previously art has been classified as a preserve of the elite. Even if you go into our schools the curriculum is mainly the Group A schools and the elite schools that would do art. - Full Article
Elton Mjanana
I will argue that with attention to ready availability and affordability and respect for the masses by an emphasis on quality, piracy can be beaten. - Full Article
I watch evolving human ecosystems where people have to adapt to a precarious environment moulded by rapid political, social and economic change. - Full Article
Saki Mafundikwa
Few people realise that some Afrikan societies were writing before the arrival of Europeans. - Full Article
Pfungwa Nyamukachi
We are all responsible and accountable, which is a call to action of man to country instead of the idle talk of heads buried in the sand. - Full Article
Baynham Goredema
Graphic designers however have resisted the urge to shrug off the responsibility that comes with maintaining order, aesthetics, function and purpose. - Full Article
Pauline Goredema
Today some Shona proverbs have become obsolete because of the different contemporary beliefs, westernisation, Christianity, individualism and political institutions.  - Full Article
Archibald Mathibela
However, the challenge still remains that of most Zimbabwean owned firms to reach this level of social service and transcend the spirit of the profit ethic in pursuit of a higher calling instead of merely paying lip service to it. - Full Article
Shawn Muzvidzwa
For the first time in my three years in South Africa I witnessed the suffering, the cries the hunger of migrants mostly my fellow country men and women.  - Full Article
Pfungwa Nyamukachi
We have a right to love and be loved the way we love to love and be loved - Full Article
Masimba Biriwasha
Like her ruins, she stands shattered hoping for starlight to pop from the azure and cure all - Full Article
Shawn Muzvidzwa
I feel sad to say that we lag way behind most of our African counterparts when it comes to caring, maintaining and educating people about the importance of the environment. - Full Article
Baynham Goredema
After seeing Ras Dumisani "Massacre" the South African National Anthem it is imperative for all patriots to know their national Anthem in their languages! - Full Article