A List of quotations

Christie Brookstein
No one has the answer to everything and that’s something to celebrate, it keeps it interesting - Full Article
Edith We Utonga
By the time they got back I was tired of hiding and insisted to the ladies that we do not hide but confront him and get him to let the manager take us to the nearest town - Full Article
Batsirai Chigama
To every woman I say your health is your priority, no one should have such sensitive spaces like the womb mutilated if they can help it - Full Article
Ryan Chokureva
We are stuck in a non-rewarding post-colonial basking period that’s not ending. The wars are over, those victories stale and the currency of those wins well and truly eroded - Full Article
Evelyn Roe
For some years, I was envious of Afrikan herbalists and their mysterious ways of knowing! I suspected that they had techniques for communicating with nature, and I wanted to know their secrets - Full Article
Nyasha Mupaso
The export market is wide and open, generally there is a shortage of mushrooms on the world market - Full Article
Raymond Muwaniri
Zimbabweans have a strong urge to be entrepreneurial, but I feel that we are not innovative enough and rely on a ‘copycat’ syndrome which is rampant in the country - Full Article
Elton Mjanana
We were so busy plotting our success and conquering the world that we didn’t realize there would be something called censorship which would curtail what angle our work took - Full Article
Rumbidzai Dube
We live in a very patriarchal society where women are expected to play the subservient and supporting role and women are viewed as objects to be taken care of and not to be financially empowered lest they get too wayward without a man’s guidance - Full Article
Marcia Tladi
In time these walls have however also separated us, fast growing to suffocation magnitude in their closeness to us and for all our pursuit of freedom they have imprisoned us - Full Article
Dr jahlani Niaah
With that shift from the focus on reggae, the analysts have also said that we moved from culture to what is commonly described as ‘slackness’ music - Full Article
Plot Mhako
ZimDancehall took a curiously exciting turn over the past three years churning out a new breed of artists and backyard record labels whose hits got the entire country singing and dancing - Full Article
Michele Fortmann
The passion I feel for what I do, is something so deep and spiritual there are no words that can really express what it is that I feel when I pick up my camera and start to capture emotions, feelings, unseen moments, light, form colour - Full Article
As is our culture, we asked our contributors to go on a wild ride about ideas they’re passionate about. And what we got was absolutely mind-blowing - Full Article
Wanjiku wa Ngugi
It should be troubling to anyone to buy the womb of an economically and socially vulnerable woman. We ought to be concerned about vulnerable young girls, as well as the babies born in these arrangements - Full Article
Jane Shepherd
Politically, I came of age in 1980s Britain, the Thatcher era; I marched with striking miners, joined Friends of the Earth and bought a Free Nelson Mandela mug. I vowed I would always do a job I loved and ensure it was at something meaningful - Full Article
Luke Brown
Zimbabwe is poised for rapid tourism growth if we can get the basics right, especially access, and concurrently we need to manage our perception as a safe, competitive and welcoming destination correctly on the international stage - Full Article
Rutendo Mutsamwira
I believe social media, if used meaningfully has the power to not only change your life. It enables you to reach and realize your goals and dreams - Full Article
Paul Brickhill
I feel myself utterly blessed, in many ways; this extraordinary, rich life, an African life, so many wonderful, loved people and happenings, my life brim-full with goodness, love, beauty, music, books, people – all manner of wonders - and majestic Africa - Full Article
Tinotenda Hondo
Ubuntu is in essence an Afrikan humanity. Its a quality we owe each other. It demands we extend warmth to both strangers and members of our community - Full Article