A List of quotations

Rodrick Longwe
More and more I am finding myself in frustrating situations and I ask myself if I am the only one experiencing this or I should just accept that it is the way the cookie crumbles - Full Article
Ryan Chokureva
The system rewards and promotes a culture of stupid black man, 20yr, 30yr olds who spend the whole day at home playing play station, that other 30yr olds created and are get millions of dollars for - Full Article
Tamuka Mtengwa
A great number are of the opinion that the Arts in general have a right to be disrespected, devalued and dismissed, as one will not be employed in the “more fashionable” and traditional employment choices. - Full Article
Nyasha Mupaso
Mushroom growing can be done as a core agriculture activity or done as a side farming activity which blends very well with conventional farming - Full Article
Nqobizitha Mlilo
We live in a world where realistically speaking, we are probably selling the same product as everyone else.  - Full Article
Desmond Munemo
This is one form of tradition or culture that as Zimbabweans we need to adopt, simply because acknowledging human presence makes us not just human too but human beings with a cause - Full Article
Tendai Mufunda
As human beings we are mandated to “love they neighbour as thyself”, is this still possible? - Full Article
Pfungwa Nyamukachi
Greatness is undoubtedly, a complex, multi-dimensional term whose length and breadth of meaning is really too ‘great’ - Full Article
All in all there are necessary evils, so we say, so long as they don’t follow us home, it cant be our kids, our mother or wives because then we couldn’t use the same explanation - Full Article
Similar to most African cultures the land in Zimbabwe’s ancestral ideology is considered a sacred and non commercial communal entity - Full Article
The energy embodied within objects exists in relative form and classification depends heavily on the varied historical and social background of the individual or the collective audience - Full Article
Masimba Hwati
At this level of discussion we discover some of the reasons why art can be therapeutic and can be a point of contact for different people in a personal way - Full Article
Masimba Hwati
In culturally sensitive societies like Zimbabwe there is a meaning attached to every visually perceived thing - Full Article
Baynham Goredema
We are still far from where we would like to be where everyone in Zimbabwe is treated as an equal - Full Article
You know you've got something that’s’ so unique and so beautiful and so different and that’s what you should add into hip hop - Full Article
That period almost needs to be revisited to show young women look you can do this  - Full Article
when you understand the history its really obvious but hip hop is never presented in that way because the people who own hip hop are not even the people who created it - Full Article
Comrade Fatso
We wouldn’t of known that the spoken word or hip hop has that kind of following in Zim if we hadn’t started the slam - Full Article
These are cosmetic changes to make the slave work faster - Full Article
Biggie Smalls is one of the greatest MCs ever, he's like the Quentin Tarantino of hip hop - Full Article