Batsirai Chigama

#Fibroid Society

Almost three years ago I experienced extreme pain in my left lower abdomen. I could not run long distances. I could not squat or do sit-ups. The pain was so intense at times it would wake me in the middle of the night and I would struggle to get out of bed. With no medical insurance then, I decided to sit-it out, as if that was possible. The pain got worse and one day I willed myself to go and see my GP and the moment she felt my tummy she said I had fibroids, several she said and I was sent for a scan just to confirm. Five of them it was revealed, with the largest at 7.2cm in diameter.

Paradox to a Child

Batsirai Chigama

There is something about
Harare in spring that reminds me
Of my mother
Harare in spring is...Bellisma
She is fresh and regal
The smile of her Jacaranda bloom
Flirts with hope and new beginnings   
Carrying the scent of promise
She tells yesterday’s barrenness
To take flight
At quarter past October
She wears the scarlet lipstick of flamboyance
Bold, daring
Enticing to the sojourners,
She wraps them in her charm
sends them home enthralled
Yet to me her resident
She shuts her door right in my face

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