Culturally Appropriate or Tackling Culture? HIV/AIDS Education in Zimbabwe

Have we achieved the aim to become more culturally appropriate? This was the question on the tip of my tongue as I headed to Zimbabwe for my Master’s research. Since the advent of HIV and AIDS in the eighties, the international community has been trying to spread awareness about the virus and its impact, particularly in Afrika where the impact has been the largest and hardest. Billions of dollars are spent each year by various United Nations agencies, philanthropists, and NGOs in a bid to combat HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS, How the Elephant in the room disappeared

One seminar on contemporary health studies will always stand out during my university course, the day we discussed about HIV/AIDS, the elephant in the room. That cold October afternoon we did not just talk about the elephant we dissected it into statistics. To most of the young British students that were in that seminar the elephant was just another sexually transmitted disease that affected mainly Afrikans and gay men communities. This they knew from the statistics spread in their glossy textbooks by world renowned authors.

Telling her story...

Mwemwas Twins

My passion as a photographer is to collect and tell stories. In particular I love to tell stories about women, their joys, their struggles, their hopes and their dreams. As I thought about this special POVO Women’s issue and the great opportunity it gives women and artists to tell stories that matter, I felt a burden on my heart to share the story of Mwemwa.

Beautifully Woman

In 2011, I had the great honour of travelling to a Scandinavian country where I lived for an entire year. For two semesters I was teaching music, and during the holiday in-between, I travelled to a few countries. I discovered many new things, from how you could wear your entire wardrobe each day for almost six months to the great joy of wearing a short skirt once summer came. This year was a year of immense growth and self-discovery. I went to Europe with locks, but a month later I cut them off.

NGO Frontline... MSF

I had heard of the horror stories that my fellow Zimbabweans faced while they illegally crossed the borders of our beloved homeland to seek refuge in lands afar

Having had the opportunity to be Captain Planet and make my contribution in saving the vast rich forests and land of Africa as part of Greenpeace I got an opportunity to join one of the world's biggest and best Humanitarian organisations. For me 2011 was to be a new dawn in my professional life as I jumped ship from fighting for the environment to fight for the rights of my people.

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