After what seems like ages, I have found my inspiration through taking pictures using my iPhone. The challenge is always firstly, take pictures that are technically proficient and secondly trying to challenge myself to see much more than I generally see with my “normal camera”. I moved into Johannesburg CBD exactly over a year ago and it’s then my “eyes” were opened to a Joburg  that very few care to imagine or experience let alone can fathom. A friend and I started cycling in the city every Wednesday night, taking pictures of our experiences, with time it changed to early mornings.

Mafriq and Xtra Large in South Africa

Mafriq and Extra Large in South Africa

In the quest to find out what Zimbabwean 'yute' is up to and how it is contributing to the socio-political landscape, ZimboSA caught up with two of the hottest music groups on the Zimbabwean scene, then in town[Jozi] for a gig. Mafriq and Xtra Large are two of the groups that performed at the ZimboSA concert held late last year in Jo'burg where they shared a stage with the likes of Sani Makhalima, Shingi Mau Mau and the likes of Zimbabwean-originating and South Africa based Zubs a.k.a The Last Letta.

Slamming with Aura

AuraThePoet at Shoko festival

POVO: I am here with Aura at the Crowne Plaza for POVO, Aura how are you doing?
AURA: I am great thanks.

POVO: Can you give us a brief background about Aura?
AURA: I was born Aura, which is also my stage name. Born and bred in Harare, Gweru, I did my upper six at Johannesburg’s British International College before proceeding to the AFDA film school. I come from a small family of two children and am now the bread winner in my family.

Africa Now

There is something distinctly unreal about Africa in the way the continent was portrayed in TV shows I used to watch as a child and keep repeating themselves in my day as if I migrated to the foreign places whose names I only knew via the world Atlas. Somehow we figured that becoming other people, inheriting their culture and beliefs were the best way to measure progress. I often wonder at the difference between Johannesburg and downtown Brooklyn, or if a stranger can decipher our values by reading our magazines or watching our television programmes.

My Name is Xenophobia

My name is Xenophobia, I got that name from my dad Xeno, (Xeno - is a prefix for the Greek word "Xenos", meaning stranger) and mom Phobia (from the Greek word for "morbid fear"). Being their only child, my parents thought that it was "cool" to join their names together. After centuries of touring the world I was not going to miss the world’s biggest sporting spectacle, the 2010 soccer World Cup. For the first time ever it will be in Africa- South Africa! It’s certainly not my first time in South Africa where I was all over the news in 2008! I am sure my parents were proud of me!

NGO Frontline... MSF

I had heard of the horror stories that my fellow Zimbabweans faced while they illegally crossed the borders of our beloved homeland to seek refuge in lands afar

Having had the opportunity to be Captain Planet and make my contribution in saving the vast rich forests and land of Africa as part of Greenpeace I got an opportunity to join one of the world's biggest and best Humanitarian organisations. For me 2011 was to be a new dawn in my professional life as I jumped ship from fighting for the environment to fight for the rights of my people.

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