Slamming with Aura

AuraThePoet at Shoko festival

POVO: I am here with Aura at the Crowne Plaza for POVO, Aura how are you doing?
AURA: I am great thanks.

POVO: Can you give us a brief background about Aura?
AURA: I was born Aura, which is also my stage name. Born and bred in Harare, Gweru, I did my upper six at Johannesburg’s British International College before proceeding to the AFDA film school. I come from a small family of two children and am now the bread winner in my family.

NGO Frontline... MSF

I had heard of the horror stories that my fellow Zimbabweans faced while they illegally crossed the borders of our beloved homeland to seek refuge in lands afar

Having had the opportunity to be Captain Planet and make my contribution in saving the vast rich forests and land of Africa as part of Greenpeace I got an opportunity to join one of the world's biggest and best Humanitarian organisations. For me 2011 was to be a new dawn in my professional life as I jumped ship from fighting for the environment to fight for the rights of my people.

Greenpeace Africa!

Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organization that uses peaceful protest and creative communications to expose global environmental problems and promote solutions for the future. With over forty-five offices located throughout the world, Greenpeace works to protect our oceans and ancient forests, and to end toxic pollution, global warming, nuclear threats, and genetic engineering. Since 1971, Greenpeace has been a leading voice of the environmental movement by boldly taking a stand against powerful political and corporate interests whose policies put the planet at risk.

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