Masai Girl

Valerie Shamu

Masai was inspired by the beauty of African tribes. I have always looked at the Masai tribe as the "super models" of all the African tribes. Striking in their appearance, tall and majestic. My appreciation of Africa and the beauty it has always possessed has been nurtured over the last decade of my life. As a visual artist capturing unconventional beauty inspire by Africa in a modern world dominated by western themes and subject matter has been of great interest to me. I enjoy the rich colours and texture that flow throughout the series.

Mobile Phone Photography

This year I intentionally got a  phone with a good camera and decent video to start an exciting journey in mobile phone photography. I wanted to explore a new world afforded by this form of photography. It has opened up a new world of exploration for me. The candid shot in public once difficult with the inconspicuous DSLR is now possible without raising eyebrows. The prevalance of camera phones and people taking shots of each other has meant that you are treated with less suspicion when taking shots in public. Mobile phone photography for me is more a stream of visual conciousness.


After what seems like ages, I have found my inspiration through taking pictures using my iPhone. The challenge is always firstly, take pictures that are technically proficient and secondly trying to challenge myself to see much more than I generally see with my “normal camera”. I moved into Johannesburg CBD exactly over a year ago and it’s then my “eyes” were opened to a Joburg  that very few care to imagine or experience let alone can fathom. A friend and I started cycling in the city every Wednesday night, taking pictures of our experiences, with time it changed to early mornings.

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