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Rastafari interestingly is one of the most well documented cultural phenomena to have emerged in the last century. Interestingly though, this documentation is not by us; it’s not by West Indians. The experts so to speak on Rastafari reside in Washington, Haig, UK; there is even a Rastafari expert on Rastafarian music in Japan, a woman called Yashiko Shibata who did her work the 80’s; quite a while back and in a sense I and I, Afrikans, black people, Jamaicans, Caribbean persons have been slow in really looking deeply at his movement and trying to interpret and explain it.

Heath Manyepa - Graphic Designer (1982 -2014)

Michael Danes - It is the saddest news to have to tell you that our dear Heath passed away today peacefully with Gretwin by his side. After all the fight he put in to it, he could not overcome the stomach cancer. This is a huge loss to us all and to the Zimbabwean design industry, his talent was endless and his wit was equally appreciated. 10 years of work with Danes Design was not enough time spent with this wonderful man, who provided so much to our portfolio and our lives. We will all miss him so sadly, go well and with peace Heathie.

Development of Graphic Design in Zimbabwe (1980 - 2000) - Interviews & Stats

Since there were no books on design in Zimbabwe all information had to come from interviews and stats were based on surveys I carried out on my own.

From the information I was gathering for my project I compiled a couple of statistics about the industry and college. I must note that these statistics are estimated which I concluded from the research I did.

Design Education in Zimbabwe 1980 - 2000

Design education in Zimbabwe is the nucleus for the development of design in Zimbabwe. The more educated the community and designers are the higher the level of appreciation and value placed on design. In this chapter we take a look at the development of design education in Zimbabwe and where it is going. For my information on design education I was referred to Anthony Mellon who’s been very influential in the graphic design in Zimbabwe. We will see the important role he played. Mellon was a lecturer at Bulawayo Polytechnic College teaching design in the late 60’s.

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