Whats New?


We are finally up and running again on a .co.zw thanks to TechZim. Revamped and streamlined riding on a customised Drupal theme by Quatrohaus. The third version of the POVO website is back online. After consultation with our viewers and contributors we have added more content types. So whats new in the POVO Online v3.0? Check it out!


Encouraging and promoting Zimbabwean bloggers and content about Zimbabwe. A collection of selected blogs by Zimbabwean bloggers. To have their latest blog posts displayed on the site enabling them to get more visitors to their blogs via the POVO website. Blog type is not limited to just the arts and culture.


A perk for all our contributors where we will feature them on the home page for period of time. Along with their bio there will be a list of articles they have written for POVO underneath the bio. All contributors will have a bio and links to their blog/ website and twitter account.

CD Covers

A collection of CD cover art and the track listing with links to the songs online if they are available. Musicians who have released their albums can have their artwork uploaded onto the site with track listing and information on where to buy the music.

Magazine Covers

With the influx of magazines in Zimbabwe we have decided to collect and document the different covers and observe and trends.

Random Quote
A random quote from each article which links to the main article. Random quotes are displayed on the homepage and on the inside side bar. All the random quotes are then collected and displayed in one place with a link to the full article

Random Image
A random image from each article which links to the main article.

A new image viewer for viewing image galleries.

POVO is also available on the various social network sites and can be followed for regular updates on the activities we engage in.
 here is the POVO social list you to follow; Tumblr, Youtube, Facebook, 
Twitter, Google Plus

If there are events that need to be promoted there will be an advert and a dedicated portal where all articles related to that event will be.

Captions & Credits
All images which have the necessary info will have captions and photo credits.

POVO Picks
Once in a while we select articles to promote and these appear on every page just above the footer.

Landing pages will have pagination which splits long lists of content into pages.

Most Popular
List of some of the most popular articles on the website.

And lots more alternative content that you will not find anywhere else on the web except here! Contribute your opinion.