Life with Dimples

My nickname is Dimples because I errrm, have dimples. Hence the name of the blog, Life with Dimples...and dimples! Anyhoo, I've come to realise that human beings, black, white or pink with yellow polka dots, are basically the same. It doesn't matter where you come from. We all laugh at the same things, cry over the same things, want the same things. This blog comprises my observations of the interesting things I see around me. Hope you all enjoy reading it and find something you can relate to :)
Loves shoes. Playful. Loyal. Funny. Pretty. Short Temper. Fun Loving. 32. Account Manager at an ISP. Love travelling. Loyal. Single. Happy go lucky. Creative. Sagittarius. Girly. Sweet. 4'11". Did I mention the shoe addiction?