POVO depends on your contributions. The main thrust being to get people to document their opinions and share them on a wider platform. We are not looking for reportage, there are millions of sites reporting the news and issuing press releases. All Opinions, Features, and Interviews have to be unpublished, it must be published on POVO first and then can be published elsewhere. Though there is no monetary remuneration, there are benefits for contributions which include getting your work showcased to the POVO community on the various social media networks and the world. Share your Zimbabwe story online for the world to see and become part of the POVO movement.


Download the documents below for a guideline of the information required for the respective content you want to contribute
Article (Interview, Feature, Opinions) | CD Artwork | Poster | Video | Blog | Contributor


Opinion articles are any write up which is between 300 - 500 words and is not intended as an interview or feature. Opinions are by far the most numerous on the site and we like them short, candid and opinionated. We encourage all members of the society to get into the habit of writing and getting heard. We are looking for as much content from Zimbabwe as we can get which gives the viewer a wide spectrum of Zimbabwe arts and culture.


Our interviews seek to be candid and we like our interviewee to relax and tell us what is on their mind. We also encourage our visitors to carry out their own interviews which will be published on the site. Short and relevant. You can be creative on how you go about it. We would require that you supply details so we can confirm the interviews took place.


The feature story is usually a more in depth article which will have 500 - 1000 words. These are usually more detailed and less candid but are more likely to be thought provoking and a call to some kind of action. If you have an article that you may consider to be of relevance to the youth in Zimbabwe and Africa then feel free to contribute.


POVOLive is the official Youtube channel for POVO and that is where all our videos will be hosted for viewing and commentary. Videos will be original live content from events we will have covered and from social interactions.

Designers who enjoy communicating messages via posters can showcase their work here with a brief write up about the poster and its purpose. Posters can be published work but have to be your own creations.


Encouraging and promoting Zimbabwean bloggers and content about Zimbabwe. To have their latest blog posts displayed on the site enabling them to get more visitors to their blogs via the POVO website. Blog type is not limited to just the arts and culture.


All contributors will have a bio and links to their blog/ website and twitter account.

CD Covers

Musicians who have released their albums can have their artwork uploaded onto the site with track listing and information on where to buy the music.

Magazine Covers

There has been an influx of magazines from Zimbabwe. We are cataloguing magazine covers and any opinions about the magazine content or design.


All rights to the contributed work will remain with the contributor although POVO reserves the right to use the work in its publicity information eg Brochures, flyers, posters specifically for the purpose of giving examples of what to expect on the POVO website. Anything outside of this, POVO will contact the contributor in written form and inform them before use of their work.

After contributions have been submitted allow two to three working days to be informed if the content has been accepted.