The Error of Human Evolution

The Error of Human Evolution
Our infatuation is fluctuating
Crippling our perspectives
Shadowing our vision
On every crucial aspect
We recycle and re-circle encircled concepts
Loosing fundamental frameworks
Our inspiration has been disturbed
By the movement of stationery ideologies
Our confidence dies an unnatural death
Yet mirrors reflect we are alive
Yet stuck of a dead form of being
The error of human evolution
Seeking substance – a refuge
We change the cords to the original tune

A shepherd’s dream

Between the golden blades of wheat,
Distanced from where acacias retain their midday shadow,
The sun finds entangled in orgasms,
Melanin limbs of lovers
In shimmering sweat glazed

She arches her back
Where his hand grips the small of it
Caressing with his fingers that place to seat his seed
While deep inside her planting this kernel cocooned till ripe
A quake announcing its embedding

God Bless Our Men a prayer for Afrika’s Sons

Let God grant us freedom from pecuniary chains
Lest our children thirst though this land is fat
Let God shine her generosity and help us lift ourselves from the rubble of oppression

God Bless our men, their works, their aspirations
Let her be kind to their pockets
Let the devices of their enemies break at the spine and never materialise
Let our children’s fathers taste of the land what it gives
The sweet of its waters and the wholesome of its foliage
God bless our men

Littered Souls

More than they
More sick than they
We still blame they
We are many
They are few
Littered souls

Dirt we don’t mind
Boys are girls
Girls are boys
Children are wives
Wives are husbands
Husbands are wives
Animals give birth to Man
Upside down

Walking about naked
Our flesh no longer sacred
The state of our souls
In our streets
Flying plastics
Flying thoughts
Stinking allies
Stinking speech
Littered souls

Jacarandas & Sunsets

A meandering conversation left me feeling antsy, confused, and exposed and all forms of upset…

But still that couldn’t take away the beauty around me of Jacarandas & Sunsets...

I’ll never know what he, she, they, them thought when my body they explored…

Yet this led to years of suppressed emotions which a meandering conversation forced me to no longer ignore…

Mind blown. Heart cracked. Soul aching and kinda sore...

State of Poetry in Zimbabwe

When I got onto the poetry scene around 2005, times were very exciting, there was some revolution going on so we were more like comrades doing our poetry for a cause, we wanted our voices to be heard and we were being rebellious about the system. There were a lot of things we were unhappy with.

These Gates

The gates that keep me from seeing the back of my television set,
The gates that keep me from seeing the back of my television set,
The gates that keep me from seeing behind the back of my television set.

I almost didn’t take a walk in South Africa
It just reeked too much of the blood red
Stained on my newspaper
The stench of exaggerated half-truths 

Poems by Tanatsei Gambura

I have an appetite for the hungry
Wonder swimming in your black irises,
For the certitude fast fermenting in your Winery.
The grapes are aged and ripe –fiery fervor rolls off your
Fierce tongue.

Bend your knees, meet the ground
And sink your fingers into the dark soil.
Sputtering red embers beckon;
Draw in a deep breath and
Empty your lungs.


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