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Who Says I Can‘t Code In Heels
Fadzayi Chiwandire - Web Developer | 28 December 2016 |
It’s not a secret that the tech industry is male dominated and although it seems like more females are getting with the program  - Read More
Cyberbullying - The reinvention of an existing Predicament
Zororo Mubaya - Audio Specialist | 02 October 2015 |
Bullying was once perceived as only physical or verbal, culminating in injury or death.  - Read More
A Social Media Journey
Rutendo Mutsamwira - Artist | 21 November 2014 |
My social media journey began in 2003 when I was still a junior at Chisipite Senior School  - Read More
Rutendo Mutsamwira
The Power of Social Media
Rutendo Mutsamwira - Artist | 01 November 2014 |
The 4 Afrika Initiative - Technology can accelerate growth for Africa, and Africa can accelerate technology for the world  - Read More
A Passion for African Content
Nqobizitha Mlilo - Animator | 22 February 2014 |
We have got a lot to offer and ignoring the content that we already have here at home is not awesome  - Read More