Honai! - Photography exhibition by Nancy Mteki

started photography in 2008, introduced by Buyaphi Mdledle from Cape Town. I have exhibited in Zimbabwe, South Afrika, Europe and other parts of Afrika. I enjoy collaborating with artists and engaging in workshops. Themes I enjoy tackling include women and society.

My work is inspired by emotions and things that I have been through in my life and try to portray it through photography and explain my inner feelings to the world. I am inspired by what other people are going through as well.


It is an interesting time in Afrika. Our level of awareness has increased and we have begun to question narratives that have in the past constantly shaped a false identity of who we are. It is even more interesting for the youth, because we find ourselves at a time when we have to fight our heroes and at the same time fight against injustices that these very heroes lay claim to have fought against. As we become absorbed into this struggle we are realizing that, no individual is bigger than the struggle. The struggle has the power to consume an individual.

Masai Girl

Valerie Shamu

Masai was inspired by the beauty of African tribes. I have always looked at the Masai tribe as the "super models" of all the African tribes. Striking in their appearance, tall and majestic. My appreciation of Africa and the beauty it has always possessed has been nurtured over the last decade of my life. As a visual artist capturing unconventional beauty inspire by Africa in a modern world dominated by western themes and subject matter has been of great interest to me. I enjoy the rich colours and texture that flow throughout the series.

Alice in the Wonderland of Photography

“There is a beauty in decay,” she says. Perhaps it has something to do with the way one sees but I am not so sure.

“My attraction is two- fold,” she tells me. “I am drawn by the beauty but I am also interested in the aspect of mourning what used to be,” she adds. Now she has me interested. She pauses and doesn’t seem to want to go into details. But soon she lets out the secret.

Bridging the Gap


In recent years I have had the opportunity to reconnect with Zimbabwe, my country of origin. After seventeen years away from home I was lucky enough to visit twice in the space of one year. The experience has been overwhelming. I decided to take the opportunity to meet with fellow artists in a bid to establish what the art scene in Harare is all about. For the first time I was able to truly experience the art community within Zimbabwe, the defining moments of which were my visits to Gallery Delta and First Floor Gallery.

Fungai Machirori - My Journey into Photography

Selmor Mutukudzi

I have always enjoyed photography, but never really thought more of it beyond being able to capture memories. My mother and sister initiated me into the joys of photo-taking when aged 11, they bought me a flame-red camera of my own. Perhaps, more accurately, it was my cousin who had done that a few years before when she let me use her own camera to take shots.
So from an early age, I was quite enthusiastic about photographs. And as I grew older, I became increasingly interested in the aesthetics of the work.


Tamuka Mtengwa talks Photography

What made you choose to study Fine Arts?
Ha ha , its actually quite a common question.You will be surprised to know that i intended to study

Most Zimbabwean parents would not have endorsed the pursuit of such a qualification what was your parents reaction to studying fine art?
Well its funny how you ask , i actually intended to study law but my dad insisted that I pursue fine art. He seemed to have strong beliefs in my artistic potential.


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