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10 Questions with the artist Lawrence Nyemba
Lawrence Nyemba - Artist | 19 July 2018 |
I’m a self-taught artist who has had to suffer a lot of discouragement and criticism whilst trying to make a living from my craft.  - Read More
Ntsiki Mazwai - No Taboos and Sacred Cows
Ntsiki Mazwai - Activist | 28 December 2016 |
Ntsiki Mazwai is a talented and versatile artist, whose interests span across an impressive creative spectrum  - Read More
Surinamese artist Xavier Robles de Medina in Zimbabwe
Xavier Robles de Medina - Artist | 02 October 2015 |
Xavier Robles de Medina is a Surinamese artist working in painting and sculpture.  - Read More
My league is in SA
Slick Thug - Muscian | 02 October 2015 |
Many artists have chosen to cross the border into this land of imagined milk and honey called South Africa  - Read More
Interview with songstress Rudo Chasi
Rudo Chasi - Musician | 02 October 2015 |
During these years my music compositions matured as I took up the acoustic guitar and learnt the basics.  - Read More
ComExposed, a new platform for comic books
Tinodiwa Makoni - Founder of ComExpzd | 02 October 2015 |
Chatting to Eugene Ramirez Mapondera and Tinodiwa Zambe Makoni the founders of ComExposed , Zimbabwe’s Comic Book Convention  - Read More
Pioneering Industrial Design in Zimbabwe
Tafadzwa Gutsa - Graphic Designer | 14 September 2015 |
Industrial design was closely linked to mass produced consumer products but now it’s much broader  - Read More
Hair braiding as Art
Nontsikelelo Mutiti - Artist / Educator | 09 May 2015 |
I didn’t comb my hair for 461, that’s really when I became interested in hair, not so much as a subject, but as material.  - Read More
Introducing Raven, Zimbabwean blues & neo soul musician
Raven - Musician | 09 May 2015 |
A new blues and neo soul voice on the ZImbabwe music scene  - Read More
My journey as a Graphic Artist
David Zinyama - Digital Artist | 22 November 2014 |
In my case having taught myself graphic design primarily, I wanted to use my own stock images within my work by taking photographs  - Read More
Alice in the Wonderland of Photography
Sabina Seldon - Writer | 01 November 2014 |
When you think of decay, the kinds of images that come to mind are of rot, decomposition, deterioration, that kind of thing  - Read More
Blackbird, Rapper
Hip Hop Beef in Zimbabwe
Black Bird - Musician | 01 November 2014 |
Beef is fueled by spreading rumours about artists, when it gets back to the two people involved they take it a notch up and start dissing each other  - Read More
State of the Zimbabwe Film Industry
Rumbi Katedza - Film Director | 22 February 2014 |
e have young people coming home after studying film abroad and bringing new ideas, exciting new things  - Read More
A Passion for African Content
Nqobizitha Mlilo - Animator | 22 February 2014 |
We have got a lot to offer and ignoring the content that we already have here at home is not awesome  - Read More
Influence of Technology in the arts
Aura ThePoet - Poet | 22 February 2014 |
I think its less about what she does but how she does it  - Read More
Finton and his Guitar take on Europe
Finton Mumbure - Musician | 13 January 2014 |
Famous musicians of that time used to come to our house regularly e.g. Peter Mparutsa, Fortune Mparutsa  - Read More
Tamuka Mtengwa talks Photography
Tamuka Mtengwa - Photographer | 12 January 2014 |
The first black person to study Fine art majoring in photography at Rhodes University   - Read More
Whats Beef?
Begotten Sun - Rapper | 10 January 2014 |
Most Zimbabwean hip-hop is American cloned music made to sound vernacular  - Read More
Zimbabwean hip hop
Synik - Rapper | 23 June 2013 |
Zimbabwean hiphop has traditionally been a scene with very talented artists with little to show for the time and dedication they put in  - Read More
Tinotenda Mawoyo plays a shot against Sri Lanka
Tinotenda Mawoyo talks about cricket politics and development In Zimbabwe
Tinotenda Mawoyo - Cricketer | 28 April 2013 |
Tinotenda Mawoyo talks about cricket development in Zimbabwe  - Read More