HIFA 2012

A Show Of Spirit

A Show of Spirit, points to both the vibrant nature of HIFA, and the passion and aspiration of audiences. We are celebrating the capacity of the arts to impart courage, compassion and determination, and calling on our audience to boldly embrace the creative force within all of us.

Edith We Utonga was back again this year and was performing at the Telecel Main Stage. She was joined on stage by Ba Shupi and Stunner. Mbira diva Hope Masike back from her tour of Europe was on the Lays Global stage. Mokoomba also blazed on the Telecel Mainstage. We also attended a Spoken word session at the HIVOS poetry cafe which featured Batsirai Chigama, Oness Sankarra amongst others. 

Ismaël Lô was the main and closing act of the 2012 festival. Publish the Quest were also back on this time on the Telecel Mainstage as well. Tumi and the Volume made their debut performance in Zimbabwe at the Shoko Festival and they were back to rock the Telecel Mainstage. They were joined on stage by Zubz tha Last Letta. Another unforgettable performace was by Liz Ogumbo from Kenya who started late and finsihed early much to the ire of the crowd. It was certainly our first show in all our years at HIFA that we felt the audience was severely short changed. Maria de Barros from Cape Verde joined Liz Ogumbo on stage and took over much to the appreciation of the audience. View the image galleries fro HIFA 2012 below.