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In Shona (a vernacular language of Zimbabwe), 'Mutsa' literally means to 'wake up' and at its essence, this is what Meet Mutsa is all about.  We work in London, UK and Mukuni, Zambia to create awareness of the HIV pandemic, primarily in sub-saharan Africa, and generate movements towards its prevention using creative and engaging educational methods. London is home to our fundraising events. Here, our focus is on encouraging people to get up, give, do something and have fun whilst doing so!

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I write what i like.  - Read More
Tafadzwa Magejo is a confident, hardworking and highly self-motivated production manager /manufacturing engineer/ project manager/business improvement enthusiast/systems architect and analyst with a precise mix of technical, financial and leadership skills. My main interests are project management, business process reengineering/optimization and systems engineering.I have more than 6 years post graduate experience in the manufacturing industry, spanning the following industries: printing and packaging industries (tissue manufacturing and conversion, newspaper and stationery printing and envelope manufacturing); Plastics conversion industries (plastic pipe extrusion, sewer component injection moulding, ball point pen component extrusion, moulding and assembly).  - Read More
Stories and poems about life and love in Zimbabwe.  - Read More
Proudly African social worker talking about my everyday challenges and run ins with social work. A social worker is a human being first before she slips into her professional role. Finding the balance is the challenge and her mind is almost always "social work". I love social work and this is my journey...  - Read More
I am complicatedly simple, religiously unorthodox, regimentally wild, fanatically balanced, reverently blasphemous, blissfully rowdy and devotedly noncommittal. Put simply, I epitomize ambiguity and diversity.” In my world, not only do I see the grey areas, I also see the entire colour spectrum complete with various shades, hues and tones. As a female, brown skinned Zimbabwean human rights activist, 3rd wave feminist, Afrocentrist, sangoma (in training) and writer I have created this blog as a platform to talk about issues I feel strongly about including the sensitive and controversial (but highly important nonetheless) like same sex marriage & Afrocentricism as well as the fun, sometimes inane or totally random like how Justin Bieber is the Anti-Christ (no, not really), all this while looking at things through a kaleidoscopic lens.  - Read More
My nickname is Dimples because I errrm, have dimples. Hence the name of the blog, Life with Dimples...and dimples! Anyhoo, I've come to realise that human beings, black, white or pink with yellow polka dots, are basically the same. It doesn't matter where you come from. We all laugh at the same things, cry over the same things, want the same things. This blog comprises my observations of the interesting things I see around me. Hope you all enjoy reading it and find something you can relate to :)Loves shoes. Playful. Loyal. Funny. Pretty. Short Temper. Fun Loving. 32. Account Manager at an ISP. Love travelling. Loyal. Single. Happy go lucky. Creative. Sagittarius. Girly. Sweet. 4'11". Did I mention the shoe addiction?  - Read More
Committed to my family. My ID is in my name and in my person of daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, etc not in my profession, so I do not give my profession as my ID.  - Read More
I write what i like.  - Read More
Sabina Mutsvati, the creative mind behind Cheukwa Designs holds a Diploma in Fine Art and a National Certificate in Art and Design from the Harare Polytechnic College. She also has a Diploma in Modeling from Silhouette Modeling Studios and is a certified Events Coordinator from Inard Training School .She is a trainee with Women Film Makers of Zimbabwe in Film Wardrobe and costume designing. She has taught Basic Design as Project lecturer at The Zimbabwe Institute of Visual Arts. Passionate about Art her aim is to empower all who come her way. Asked what inspires her Sabina had this to say, 'My five senses are the oasis of my creativity just the feel of fabric or the smell of my floor polish sends my mind on a roller coaster .I work with any materials I am not limited to just fabrics as I like to work with found objects and give them new life.'  - Read More
Magamba is Zimbabwe’s leading urban culture organization and works on the cutting edge of culture, activism and new media. Magamba has been pioneering in its involvement in the poetry, hip hop and comedy movements in Zimbabwe. Magamba’s vision is a free and just Zimbabwe where arts and culture is used as a tool for positive social change.  - Read More
I am an adventure seeking individual. I am a lawyer by profession, a human rights advocate by calling and a hopeless romantic at heart. I have worked with different groupings including youths, orphans, women (politicians, activists, refugees, internally displaced), refugees in general and internally displaced persons in the span of my rather short career. I have been told I have a way with words. Indeed I have been writing for ages but all my writings have been on my PC until now.  - Read More
lochnation was created as a place where I could celebrate the big amazing hole of love I fell in when I moved back to my heart and home. I fell in love with the creative industries we had in Africa from music , entertainment to fashion and i just HAD to show everyone. The awakening of this big dormant part of me became my (re)creation. lochnation ,loch standing for my name lorraine charlotte, is the world I have created to show my own people and the other world how beautiful, creative, talented our people are. Most importantly to show how much doper we can be and I just want everyone to be excited about it as i was and still am.  So apart from updates on my favorite Zimbabwean artists, movers and shakers there will be personal blurbs and snaps of my own life and other things i find funny, insightful, fascinating from everywhere else in the world! Ive been incredibly blessed to have been embraced  by this world through my friends and my radio family and lochnation is also a collection of memories of my journey through it. In this world of dreams, passions, art, shenanigans, love and life…  - Read More
The Southern African Nation of Zimbabwe (House of Stone) was born in 1980 after a history of British Colonial rule. After independence it and her citizens experienced what one may call ‘Freedom’ but after a few short years the state of the nation took a turn for the worse and this has seen Zimbabwe experience extreme turmoil that has almost left  it crippled. Living Zimbabwe aims to take a look at a number of topics that have anything to do with Zimbabwe. These may include its people, politics, business, culture, views from around the world and the list goes on. Zimbabwe is a nation rich in history and at times this site will take you back to days gone by. This is site is open to content submissions on anything to do with Zimbabwe. If there is anything that you would like to share with the world be it an article, photo’s, music, images and so on, you are more than welcome to do so. Details on how to contribute can be found here: Contribute  - Read More
This blog interrogates various issues and also brings to light some of the matters that we might have challenges raising in formal arenas.  - Read More
The food experience and experiment that is all about enjoying food and enjoying the cooking. Send in your ingredients and we will make something just for you and publish the recipe. Keep seeing something at supermarket and don't know what you would do with it if you bought it? Visit fresh food markets a lot and want to know how to make use of all those wonderful foods? Want to tr your favourite ingredient in a new way? Want to find a way to make particular foods child friendly? Then you need to get involved!  - Read More
Kubatana improves the accessibility of human rights and civic information in Zimbabwe.  - Read More
Memory Chirere is a Zimbabwean writer. He enjoys reading and writing short stories and some of his are published in Nomore Plastic Balls (1999), A Roof to Repair (2000), Writing Still (2003) and Creatures Graet and Small(2005). He has published short story books; Somewhere in This Country (2006), Tudikidiki (2007)and Toriro and His Goats (2010).Together with Prof Maurice Vambe, he compiled and edited (so far the only full volume critical text on Mungoshi called): Charles Mungoshi: A Critical Reader (2006) He is with the University of Zimbabwe (in Harare) where he lectures in literature.  - Read More
I'm just out there trying to live my life the best i can and as i go through life, my thoughts and what i see are what will fill up the pages of this blog... enjoy!  - Read More
Human Rights & Political Activist, Anti-Mugabe, Blogger. Writer. Political commentator. Rhodes Uni Graduate. Future prez, Arsenal fan  - Read More