A List of quotations

PR remains the last refuge for inspiring ideas and content that moves society forward - Full Article
There is a side of living abroad that scholarship and awardees never seem to highlight in fear of ‘biting the hand that feeds them’ yet it is a reality that has led many to severe melancholy. - Full Article
Lawrence Nyemba
When painting, I get unusually emotional and extremely happy - Full Article
Do Afrikans on the continent and in diaspora understand the times that we are in at the present moment? - Full Article
I may not get there when you do, but eventually I will - Full Article
Raymond Muwaniri
As Zimbabweans and citizens of this planet it is our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint to counter the effects of climate Change - Full Article
Senzeni Mpofu
Compounding the complexity of Afrika’s perception of China’s presence within their midst is the fact that over a million Chinese migrants have moved to Afrika, a move that has revived Afrikan colonial fears - Full Article
Karolina Jeppson
They have been struggling in their childhood, in their youths and as adults. Society and the structures of daily life did not encourage them to bring forward their dreams, passion and talents enough  - Full Article
Debbie N. Peters
There is a whole skill to negotiating an expatriate package and the trick is to find an old hand who will tell you what to ask for - Full Article
Rutendo Mutsamwira
Maximize your fullest potential with enlightened cognizance, that’s not a suggestion, that’s an ORDER!  - Full Article
Michelina Adreucci
Today the most neglected places in our modern Western homes are the kitchens, perhaps because the kitchen was in many places perceived as a space for maids - Full Article
Takudzwa M. Nyazema
The Zimbabwean immigrant youth in Ireland have an opportunity to experience different values, with the society becoming increasingly diverse - Full Article
Stephanie Kapfunde
When I began to realise how much this nation, this continent has and continues to birth as creativity, talent, ambition, optimism and fire - Full Article
Nyasha Mupaso
Many wonderful species of plants and animals have been lost, and many others remain endangered. Plants absorb Carbon Dioxide CO2 (a greenhouse gas) from the atmosphere and uses it to produce food (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that make up trees) - Full Article
Tashinga Dekunye
With all due respect to elements and components that holds up our economy, it’s a great misfortune that everything that needs to be done in any business related activity cannot be done without a Designer. - Full Article
Rodrick Longwe
The sound of your feet pounding the ground, the sound of your breathing and each stride taken in achieving that desired distance is so challenging yet so liberating - Full Article
Ernest Mackina
Paying attention to a balanced diet, taking four meals a day and drinking at least six glasses of water as well as avoiding saturated fats and junk food, food with artificial colouring are steps towards healthier eating habits that aid self-renewal - Full Article
Fidele Nkezamuzima
During 1860, the Tutsi realm was organized on a feudal basis, with the Tutsi as the aristocracy and the Hutu as their vassals. The Tutsi were the upper class and are mostly herdsmen whereas, Hutu were the lower class and for the most part lived by farming - Full Article
Gilmore Tee
The beauty about clothing and branding in first world countries is that they make clothes for an average individual, making it easy to reach an already existing market - Full Article
Telling people their traditional practices are bad and need to be stopped can never be culturally appropriate - Full Article