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Issue 06 - Women's Edition 2015
Issue 06 - Women's Edition 2015 - The second issue of the Wome's edition of the POVO Journaal brings together a kaleidoscope of voices from various countries which include Kenya, Uganda, Estonia, Ireland, United States and Zimbabwe.  - Read More
Issue 05 - Anniversary
In celebrating 10 years since the inception of the POVO brand, a bumper issue 100 pages of diverse opinions and art & design showcase from various countries.  - Read More
Issue 04 - Women's Edition
 2014 - Womens Edition - The Womens Edition was an opportunity to give women a voice and space to freely express themselves and get published. We had a great response in the inaugural edition.  - Read More
Issue 03 - Photography 2013
2013 - Photography - This issue showcased Photography talent. We found our contributors from instagram, behance and twitter and from our networks. They consisteed of professionals, to hobbyist all telling their stories through capturing moments and sharing them.  - Read More
Issue 02 - Illustration 2012
2012 - This issue showcased illustration as an artform and covered showcased the following illustrators;  - Read More
Issue 01 - Annual Report
Though its named the Journal at this point the it was still ana Annual report focussing oin reporting on the activities of POVO through out the year.  - Read More
POVO Journal Issues
The POVO Journal   Issue 01 - POVO Annual Report 2011 Issue 02 - POVO Annual Journal 2012 (Illustration) Issue 03 - POVO Journal 2013 (Photography) !ssue 04 - POVO Journal 2014 (Inaugural Womens Edition) - Read More
Shoko Festival
The Shoko International Spoken Word and Hip Hop Festival to be held in Zimbabwe and was held over four days across 4 venues. It was the brainchild of the Magamba Network spearheaded by Comrade Fatso and Outspoken. The Theme for the festival was Make it Happen. - Read More
The around the Ground reports were inspired after I applied to report for Cricinfo's Fan Following for the South Afrcia vs Zimbabwe match in Benoni. - Read More