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The Blessing of Books
Kate Chambers - University Lecturer | 28 December 2016 |
I started asking for and donating books in Zimbabwe back in late 2010.  - Read More
Elizabeth Muchemwa at a Peace in Hood workshop
The Language of Our Story
Elizabeth Muchemwa - Poet / Writer / Theatre Director | 09 May 2015 |
The evening story times with my grandmother had shaped me.  - Read More
Remembering Dambudziko
Barbra Anderson - Poet | 09 May 2015 |
My first experience with spoken word was on local television from Albert Nyathi  - Read More
The Interview
Sista Zai - Storyteller and Thought Leader | 08 May 2015 |
I turned on the voice recorder and set the recording volume to an appropriate level.   - Read More
Publishing on a Shoestring
Njabulo Mbono - Publishing Assistant | 22 November 2014 |
Reflections on Zimbabwean publishing and bookselling  - Read More
Getting ZIMspired
Getting ZIMspired
Jennifer Schuchmann - Forester | 21 November 2014 |
Zimbabwe inspired me to start writing stories and songs.  - Read More
They Never Come Back - Book Excerpt
Takudzwa Gezi - Writer | 21 November 2014 |
An excerpt from aspiring author Takudzwa Gezi’s debut book They Never Come Back  - Read More
They Never Come Back
Takudzwa Gezi - Writer | 14 October 2013 |
My family had enough in fact we were better off than most of the people in our raini   - Read More
Godobori spits his poem
Godobori poem at Shoko Slam Poetry Express
Godobori - Musician | 19 May 2013 |
The system keeps on coming on strong  - Read More
Xapa, Zimbabwe at Shoko Poetry Slam Express
Shoko Festival Slam Poetry Express
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 18 May 2013 |
The inaugural Poetry Slam Express at the Shoko Festival was held at the Mannenberg in Harare  - Read More