How to get the ‘cool’ back into PR

Zimbabwe is a seller’s market where consultancy and employment opportunities are few and far between. The PR profession is staring down a relentless onslaught from fringe opportunists and a lull in activity in local associations affecting practitioners and future career aspirants. Unlike other professions with a singular mandate, communicators face the risk of being subsumed into other disciplines as decision makers often feel the bottom line trumps the PR function. 



China: More than business buddies?

One cannot discuss business in Afrika without mentioning the prominence of China’s presence on the continent. It is no secret that China’s economic relationship with Afrika has strengthened over the years, with Afrikan leaders welcoming China as a willing and deep-pocketed trade partner. Afrika has doled out minerals, land and oil; while China, in return has shouldered some of the government’s infrastructural responsibilities, peppering the continent’s landscape with newly built roads, stadiums, dams and universities. 

Pan-Afrikan Expatriates on the Afrikan Continent

By the time I got into the Business Class lounge at Johannesburg to catch the SAA flight in to Lagos, I knew I was going to see some familiar faces going back to Nigeria to work. Because we take the flight to Lagos together so often and sometimes do business together in Nigeria, the expatriates in Lagos tend to know each other. When I worked in Nigeria from 2011-2013, I joined a group called South Afrikans in Lagos (SAIL), which is run by the spouses of some of the South Afrikan expatriates.

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