Hamilton Masakadza takes it easy at HIFA 2011

Sport | By Baynham Goredema, Designer | 26 April 2013
PHOTO: © Baynham Goredema

I was at the Winky D concert during HIFA and who was there standing right next to me, Hamilton Masakadza. I took a few pics and then went up to him. I had met Hamilton on three different occasions, first time in Rosebank, I just stopped him in the mall and he was game to chat. Then again with an acquaintance who went to school with him. So when I went up to him and greeted him these was our little conversation.

PV: Ndeipi Mudhara (Whats man)

HM: Ndeipi indava kusabatika (Whats up? Long time no see!)

PV: Mayaz iwe ndiwe usirikubatika pascorecard! (No Man you are the one who hasnt been seen for a while on the scorecard!)

HM: (Rocked back his head and laughed heartily!)

PV: If you can, after the show come over to my stand and pick up a Tshirt.

HM: Cool, Can I come tomorrow noon?

PV: Yeah man and all we expect in return are runs on the board!
(To which he laughed heartily once again)

My verdict: Totally cool dude, approachable and who seems at peace with himself. Some of the Zimbabwe cricket players would not be seen dead at a Winky D concert. He was thoroughly enjoying himself and singing along to 'Big Man!' Thats something our boys need to do relax and wind down. Would have loved to ask him more questions but I thought of giving the dude some space.

Also saw Mark Vermuelen around the HIFA as well. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera then! And I have to say I was a bit intimidated to go over and chat cos I honestly didn't know how he would react.