The rise of Elsa Q

Music | By Tafadzwa Tarumbwa, Illustrator | 06 April 2013
PHOTO: © Tafadzwa Tarumbwa

TT: Can you start by introducing yourself?
EQ: My name is Elsa Kamsoda. I am a Poet / Musician and released my first album in 2009 called Stand up tall. This was followed by a project called Wotoshinga (fight hard) released early this year. My third project is a departure from my other two albums and is exclusively poetic. I perform mainly at the Book Café where I am part of the sisters open mic session.

TT: Describe your most memorable day/ event during the making of your music.
EQ: The first day we shot my first poetry video was fun and it was a totally new experience for me.

TT: What is Kamluve music?
EQ: Kamluve music originates from two creative people who are gifted in music and art. Kamluve is music and poetry and we are looking into expanding the brand to also encompass craft, fabric, and into fashion to make the brand recognisable in Africa and beyond.

TT: How have people received you as an artist?
EQ: I get a lot of support from fans, other well established artists and family. The Book Café has helped me a lot in broadcasting my craft and shaping me into the artist I am today through regular performances.

TT: What do you see yourself getting more into, poetry/ music?
EQ: Well it’s 50/50 because my passion resides in both disciplines.

TT: What inspires you in your field?
EQ: The journey of my life and the wisdom i have gained through experience research and guidance from my parents as teachers.

TT: Are there any other artist you one day hope to work with and why?
EQ: I would like to work with Appleseed and Lira, we would make the most beautiful sound that would make the skies open wide.

TT: Any last words you would like to share?
EQ: Kamluve music is going international to change people and the world. We are the world we are the future, i thank my producer and manager Tinashe Nguluve and video director Tafadzwa Tarumbwa for the work and dedication.