Are you Watching me?

Poetry | By Dudu Manhenga, Musician | 31 October 2014

So many people come to me and admire how successful I seem. To them I have it all figured out but do I? They ask if I have done it before, is it inborn, or was I trained. How come I do it so well. So I asked the question. Are you watching me thinking that I know what I am doing, do you feel as though I have it all figured? So I came up with a conversation, some people call it a poem:

Believe me this art is not yet perfected
It’s just enacted
Most of my dreams are not effected
And I am really affected
Sometimes I have gone into default
It’s really my fault

Am doing my best as I stumble
I make sure I don’t grumble
All my cries are muffles
My successes fumbles
Watch out for that hurdle
Coz there, I tumbled 
And many mumbled

I know you aspire
Thinking of how I got here, I perspire
Many times I tire
I have run and run yet I can’t retire
I can’t remove this attire
See, for every generation there must be a martyr
It almost feels like a satire
Don’t cut that wire
That’s my fire
Don’t deflate my tyre

In people have popped
Out they have hopped
Yet in them I had hoped
They pulled the plug
When I needed a hug
It’s been rough
But I am tough
Watch as I march
I know I will win this match
Coz I am a soldier
Pay attention coz I am older
Just be bolder
Am sure will go further