Assembly Point

Photography | By Annie Mpalume, Photographer | 10 January 2014
PHOTO: © Annie Mpalume

I take great pleasure in photographing children, because when they pose for a photo, they are uninhibited and display an evident innocence about them which gives the photo a unique character. 

Their little smiles and ignorance of many foils in life always bring hope. This photograph is one of my 2013 favourites as I just stumbled upon it whilst working on some really boring news story on Eyrecourt, a settlement near Chitungwiza. When I saw the dust outlines, against rays from the setting sun and the naughty poses from the children, I paused in awe. In my heart, I thanked God for this wonderful scene.  It is not often that one experiences such magnificent, artistic patterns. While it’s a beautiful picture, the story behind what these children are subjected to is very sad. They are often exposed to harsh weather conditions and dust when they convene a meeting at the at the school assembly point which is out in the open. Perhaps from these humble beginnings, future leaders will come emerge, because in the midst of the greatest adversities, true leaders rise above any situation before them.