Beef in Zimbabwe Hip Hop?

Music | By mUnetsi , MC | 31 October 2013
PHOTO: © Baynham Goredema

(We picked up this rant from mUnetsi on twitter in regards to the supposed Beef going on in the Zimbabwe Hip Hop industry)

In my experiences sometimes beef is fanned by folk who have nothing to do with the music, cats around the artists. Sometimes people target people because it's easier to fight someone than a system. Sit down and let me school you. This is real talk, unbiased. Don't catch feelings youngins.

We live in a country hanging on precarious tribal imbalances with roots in pre-colonial times. Sadly they have hardly been addressed. Beef in Hip Hop here in Zimbabwe seems to have a lot of this as a backdrop.The ethos that Harare is given preferential treatment to other cities. Hip Hop started as a revolution against the system not individuals. It's not fair to target folk and lay blame on them for this angst.

There are a few elements that enervate and subsequently stunt Hip Hop here in Zimbabwe.

1. The crabs-in-a-barrel complex
I'm happy when black people get it. Sadly,that feeling ain't mutual round here. Everyone wants to be top the dog, negating that we can all co-exist as gods and kings. In the end strings are pulled,which brings #2

2. The biased professional
Whether DJ, journalist, promoter whatever someone is going to block you just because they don't like you or you're a threat to their friend. These are people who have no idea what Hip Hop is all about. It's never been about 1 cat. What this does is it creates a bottleneck. Few sources of exposure and a million hungry talented artists who are not these guys friends. Indirectly these biased pros create tension between the artists. Artists that might have been cool with each other before. The platform needs to be open for everyone. You don't want to lay ground for an East vs. West type of beef. Take notes from dancehall.

3. Biased pros (again)

Pros who want to present a copy-and-paste Hip Hop as what represents us, muffling the real voice of the people. I see you.

4. Too many conflicts of interest
You have the DJ being the artist, the artist being the DJ X's friend. Guaranteed preferential treatment and fuels the ambers further.

5. What i call the 'cry-baby-syndrome' (CBS)
In Zimbabwe cats complain about any and everything. Eg,deep down you know you feel you shouldn't be paying for electricity when we actually might have the lowest tariffs in the region. The economy is battered and cats can barely afford to record good quality without a boost from their family backgrounds. So the worse off you are the worse your chances. Crying will not solve much. First step you can ever take as a god is accepting responsibility. You make it, no matter how hard. Life isn't fair but guess what youngin? That's how Hip Hop started.

So in short you have unassuming artist advised and surrounded by the wrong people and a system that's too myopic to see Zimbabwe is more than Harare. Most of you cats ain't Hip Hop yet. You need to sit down. Dear biased pro. Stop killing our culture. I don't like that. :(. That's my 2 cents. Now i'm ready for #FearMeFridays. Don't take it personal, it's just #realtalk. Facts are stubborn.

Above all i wish you love, loyalty, blessings, peace, wisdom and joy. Everything else fades away from memory. Much success and health. Capital U,1.