Photography | By Nigel Zhuwaki, Photographer | 02 October 2015
PHOTO: © Nigel Zhuwaki

It is an interesting time in Afrika. Our level of awareness has increased and we have begun to question narratives that have in the past constantly shaped a false identity of who we are. It is even more interesting for the youth, because we find ourselves at a time when we have to fight our heroes and at the same time fight against injustices that these very heroes lay claim to have fought against. As we become absorbed into this struggle we are realizing that, no individual is bigger than the struggle. The struggle has the power to consume an individual. It’s with this enlightenment that we see how we have lived personalities in place of principles.  

Our lives have been more about the people than the actual reason for existence. Personalities change with time, they change as one acquires certain privileges, and they change because of power but the struggle will always remain the same.


It is now that we extricate ourselves from individuals and start being the change we want. This set of images is among the few from a series titled Introspection. A compilation of my favourite silhouette and a couple of images from my photographic journey.