Art & Design | By Masimba Sasa, Photographer | 10 January 2014

After what seems like ages, I have found my inspiration through taking pictures using my iPhone. The challenge is always firstly, take pictures that are technically proficient and secondly trying to challenge myself to see much more than I generally see with my “normal camera”. I moved into Johannesburg CBD exactly over a year ago and it’s then my “eyes” were opened to a Joburg  that very few care to imagine or experience let alone can fathom. A friend and I started cycling in the city every Wednesday night, taking pictures of our experiences, with time it changed to early mornings. At the time that part of my photography was limited either to late nights and early mornings and now it’s a part of me. Iphonegraphy as most call it is slowly changing the face of photography, I am still yet to understand where it will finally lead but I am certain it’s a movement. I am inspired by Photographers who are braver than I am to try out their ideas or work on projects they deem important and face the on slaughter or the approval of an audience. I am getting there slowly and these pictures reflect what currently inspired me and the greatest lesson so far to learn to adapt.