Make your heart beat

Art & Design | By Wincate Mathei Muthini, Marketing and PR manager | 09 May 2015

I want to make your heart beat, I want to make your heart BEAT, Your creative heart.
Take a deep breath… and remember the moment you had a great idea that made you scared and excited at the same time.
The moment you pursued it and it turned out just as great.
How about, the moment you didn’t and another did it.
The moment of regret.

Did you stop there? Just shrugged your shoulders and turned away. Head low, walking on the road of ‘what could have been’. The ‘what if’ sign post at each corner. Your picture at this time is a grey gloomy picture. No smiles. No warm colours. Just the blues and hues of tormented self.

Perhaps it was not as such, perhaps all you did was just turn away and switched of the above film. Clear days. Clear
thought. Amnesia.

Hahaha oh my, did that truly satisfy you. I would think it a rouse to hide what you truly feel. The urge to not turn back.

 A high tempo, slow motion, beaten up to stand up film. Beat. Your body slightly shivers. Beat. Beat. You are scared, ‘Why am I standing?’ ‘There is no way I can come up with something similar or greater’. Beat.Beat.Beat.

A smile, not a smug, a crazy smile. Suddenly you cannot stop laughing. Beating, beating, beating fast. You are short of breath, your shivers elaborate. Something is different. It’s easy to turn, here is a cliché moment, in the direction of current but it’s exciting to not do it. To be constantly hit by the current of normal.

Okay okay, enough hitting, squat down looking up, below the current. I know you are thinking, ummm wasn’t the point to stand up strong and show you can take on any challenge. Well, it isn’t. I mean you can only take a certain beating from life, fall down then get encouragement to stand back up to be beaten up again , it may be thrilling and tiresome . What is the point? Just now,  you went down looking up on your own will, your heart, your normal heart beating from the adrenaline. Shhh now look up. You see them don’t you, the ideas.

Beat. Normal has a flaw, you have been settling for less. Beat. Beat. Now, let your mind wonder in possibility, actually, after the beating you just had, your mind will go on automatic. Note, I said wonder not think. Beat. Beat. Beat. You are slowly awakening your other heart. Your smile is slowly disappearing, your eyes squinting, and your mind in a fast pace…beating, beating, beating fast. Suddenly you are dumbstruck, wide eyed. You have figured something out from looking at the normal current, something simple, or complicated, that could change the course of the river named normalcy. You stand up, pacing, your mind rearranging your surrounding and train of understanding, too engrossed in it to realise the current no longer hit you.

A sudden halt. Two hearts at once, as you scream and jitter like a child who just got a present. A new idea.
Will you follow it this time? Or will you turn your back?

Changing a river’s course is not an easy task, obstacles left, right and centre. If you want to keep going, constantly squat back and view it again. Keep your heart up and surround yourself with those who get it. When it becomes a reality, let’s say your film soundtrack will be that of a creative genius. After all, what is creativity other than showing the another how to view differently?
Take a deep breath. Calm down. Now it’s up to you to make your heart beat.

Afrika is in need of a different view, and you who understand her, who know her normalcy first hand will creatively take her to a new direction suited for her unique treasure.
Oh, one other thing . There are no limitations of what you can do. Only you limit yourself.