Society & Culture | By Victor Bagu, Graphic Designer | 10 January 2014
PHOTO: © Victor Bagu

Siyaya is a Zulu word meaning “we are going” in the queen’s language, in Shona is “tirikutovhayasoo”. These are three photographs from a “taxi series" I snapped during the year 2007. All shots were taken on different days usually while people were travelling to work in different taxis (public commuter omnibus) using a Samsung cellular phone and captured the interesting activities, hair, clothes, headlines, jewellery, drivers and views. The one common thing amongst all the passengers is the knowledge that they are all “going”. There is also a level of anxiety as seen on some faces, peaceful silence except for the blaring taxi radio. The composition of the passengers is mostly random which makes the scenes so unpredictable and allows participants to act as they feel knowing well that none of the ~16 people in that moving  public vehicle know them personally.