The Two sides of Art and Design

Art & Design | By Tafadzwa Gutsa, Graphic Designer | 05 April 2013

1.Those that design purely for commercial purposes
In this case, decisions are made solely on the basis of what is there, and what will appeal to everyone in general. The goals are clear and the final outcome certain. The only outcome is that of pleasing the eye and standing out. This here is for the crowd pleasers. Yet it has long since been ascertained that humans respond to this type of stimulus (harmony, contrast, balance etc.). In a way that can be executed technically with the arrangement of elements in a certain way. In essence, anyone can be trained to do this.

2.Art for art’s sake
Here, decisions are geared more toward realization, exploration and self-actualization. The designer or artist creates solely for himself first and then seeks to enlighten others on his discovery. This type is only about potential- the promise of what can be. This genre of art / design seeks neither right nor wrong, but to discover and learn from both. It does not engage your primal instincts to respond to stimulus, but engages the mind such that beauty is more of a realization.