Who is Medeya?

Society & Culture | By Medeya Dollarez, Model / Dancer | 09 May 2015

At 10 years old I went for training  to be a hip hop and go go dancer. At 18 I was invited for the first time to perform on stage. It was unbelievable for me and I enjoyed it. After that I was invited to  dance for Russian group ‘’Lotos.’’ We worked together for many years until I moved to New York and continued to dance there.  

My first professional photo shoot was in 2005. I enjoyed modelling and the lifestyle that came with it, travelling and meeting  famous people. If I was not modelling and dancing I would like to be an architect, designing
houses, apartments.

Through modelling and dancing I have been fortunate to visit many countries including America, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.  Of all the places I have travelled  New York is my favourite, its a I love it, its just like in the movies. My dream however is to visit Afrika.  I have just seen movies about Afrika and I fell in love with it.  I am sure one day my dream to visit Afrika will come true. I want to visit Cameroon, and visiting Zimbabwe will be my biggest dream. I want to find out more about life in Afrika and if I like it I might settle there!

I have  tried many different types of food. Being Russian, I enjoy Russian food. I love Afrikan food, Indian and Japanese. I am a fan of sadza which my Zimbabwean boyfriend used to cook for me. 

What I think about men? I think men must to be strong, not physical, but inside, smart and know what he wants in life. Do I believe in love? Yes, love is a  very magical thing. You never know what tomorrow holds.  You can be sad about your life today, and tomorrow you meet your soul mate, after one second you can understand, that this is the person I have been waiting for all my life. I’m in love and I am so happy!