Zimbabwe’s Hubs of Innovation

The last few months in Zimbabwe has seen the launch of two Tech Hubs, namely Hypercube and Muzinda Umuzi. To be pedantic Muzinda Umuzi is not a tech hub per se but maybe more of an entrepreneurship hub as it supports any business idea that shows potential rather than those purely in the tech space. Hubs are the latest tech fashion statement. Every African country has one. For example, Kenya has iHub (and others mind you), CCHub in Nigeria, Hivecolab in Uganda and BongoHive in Zambia.

An aesthetically pleasing city

Every time I go through the Forbes list of cleanest cities in the world, I come across a common trait. They are mostly aesthetically pleasing. I searched the list in the solitary fear that my city could just be there. Disappointment! Then, I Googled ‘Dirtiest Cities in the World’. Phew! Imagine my relief at learning that Harare was not featured here either. Nevertheless, my euphoria was soon extinguished. Least of all because deep down I knew that my excitement did not emanate from pride.

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