System of musical existence

Poetry | By So Profound, Poet | 07 October 2013
PHOTO: © Baynham Goredema

Its like the melody of truth is fading
While the rhythm of decadence is violently progressing
Economic notes and political tones silently controlling states
Pitching wars violent echoes from destructive walls
The music from the worlds boom box
Meaning this world is a system of musical existence

But Lucifer is musical, and the devil is he
He's been making music good enough for Adam to swallow
He's already made his band so he is better than Diddy
He's got the anti Christ on leading vocals, religion on backing
Focussing on rules, but leaving the kingdom stagnant
Got racism playing keyboards
Keeping black and white keys in conflict
When on the real, its just one keyboard producing one sound

Conspiracy theories playing symbols
Media snares and heads keeping the people occupied
Terrorism is the kick that keeps the whole tempo constant
Satanic thinking diseases sex and drugs
Are the four basic strings to his bass guitar
Got corruption strumming acoustics, governments falling
He uses, poverty mismanagement and grievous percussions

As for genres he plays everything
From Afro ignorance, gay and lesbian rock
Prostitution pop and pornography jazz
His mission is to keep us dancing

But God is music
The whole idea of salvation is that Jesus can be the soundtrack of your life
He doesn't need a band
he's got a host of an angelic orchestra

As for genres he plays the majors
That is the way the truth and the life
As for sub genres he plays everything
From redeemer, healer,
To anything you may so want genre

He has made a 66 track double CD album for you
As long as time remains you will always have good music to dance to
So check what you nodding to
For this world is a system of musical existence
Check what you nodding to
For this world is a system of musical existence

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