Around The Ground Report: Zimbabwe vs Pakistan 1st Test 2013 - Part 2

Coach Waller and his assistant Steve Mangongo have a chat as they walk around the field during play.
Castle one of the sponsors of the team.
Metbank seems to be the main sponsors of the grass embankments as they have banners and umbrellas all over the embankment.
Found some lucky bean seeds in my camera bag, but Zimbabwe would need more than luck to beat Pakistan.
A lone supporter relaxes in the shade.
An ICC official walking around the pitch.
The Harare Sports Club logo, that lion looks spooked!
No bins anywhere on the embankment, ZC needs to place some bins so people have no excuse for littering.
 A gust of wind blew the CrickShop away!
No home series is complete without the presence of Neil, Zimbabwes No.1 supporter.
The ICC anti corruption team sit behind the glasses under neath the umbrella.
Elton Chigumbura comes to collect a four with a big grin on his face!
Shingi Maskadza not so lucky as he is sledged by the crowd.
The pitch security seem more concerned about guarding the pitch and not enforcing the ICC rules on unruly supporters.
A dream scoreboard for Zimbabwe in any format of the game.
Grant Flower taking laps around the field at lunch and after the game on all three days that I was at the ground. Staying fit I guess.
Younis Khan prepares to play a shot on his way to 200.
Tinashe Panyangara made an impressive come back with some seriously miserly bowling. The way he bowled I didn't miss Kyle Jarvis.
The operator behind the manual scoreboard.
Harare Sports Club as seen from the grass embankment.
Our tourist friend had just finished rubbing some sun screen on his leg and am sure was hoping to take back a tan to his country of origin.
A beautiful sunset to wind down a good day of test cricket.
My sketchpad for taking down notes

Kyle Jarvis left for county cricket and refused to sign a contract with Zimbabwe Cricket. He was fed up with the off field battles with ZC. His decision though sad is understandable. And we can for see more taking up this option if it presented itself. Some were also called up from club cricket in the UK but they declined to come.

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