human rights

My Name is Xenophobia

My name is Xenophobia, I got that name from my dad Xeno, (Xeno - is a prefix for the Greek word "Xenos", meaning stranger) and mom Phobia (from the Greek word for "morbid fear"). Being their only child, my parents thought that it was "cool" to join their names together. After centuries of touring the world I was not going to miss the world’s biggest sporting spectacle, the 2010 soccer World Cup. For the first time ever it will be in Africa- South Africa! It’s certainly not my first time in South Africa where I was all over the news in 2008! I am sure my parents were proud of me!

NGO Frontline... MSF

I had heard of the horror stories that my fellow Zimbabweans faced while they illegally crossed the borders of our beloved homeland to seek refuge in lands afar

Having had the opportunity to be Captain Planet and make my contribution in saving the vast rich forests and land of Africa as part of Greenpeace I got an opportunity to join one of the world's biggest and best Humanitarian organisations. For me 2011 was to be a new dawn in my professional life as I jumped ship from fighting for the environment to fight for the rights of my people.

The right to love and be loved

We are all familiar with the bill of rights, human rights for all people of all nations, creed and colour that make up this earth. I believe in love we have rights too! I believe one of these ‘rights’ is the right to love and be loved the way you love to be loved. All too often when you have passed the ‘sell by date’ in singles ‘perishable aisle’, which differs from culture to culture, women and I am sure some men too are made to believe that what they seek is too high to reach, too lofty, unrealistic and delusional.

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