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A culture of display
Sifelani X Zilawe - Graphic Designer | 11 January 2014 |
Urban African boys and the threat of feminized fathers, spineless husbands and weepy leaders  - Read More
The beautiful one that pleases my heart
Rudo Nyangulu - Lawyer | 11 January 2014 |
I was raised in a time where a black African’s aspirations where limited to professions as a doctor, lawyer, accountant, engineer  - Read More
An aesthetically pleasing city
Ruth Chatukuta - Communication Designer | 11 January 2014 |
Every time I go through the Forbes list of cleanest cities in the world, I come across a common trait. They are mostly aesthetically pleasing  - Read More
POVO Annual Report 2013
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 10 January 2014 |
2013 was a quiet year for POVO with no partnerships.  - Read More
Other art forms need your attention too Hon. minister
Elton Mjanana - Writer | 10 January 2014 |
The much hyped Seventy-five local percent which seemed to have vanished is back too  - Read More
Future of Traditional Leaders in Zimbabwe
Raymond Muwaniri - Social Development | 10 January 2014 |
The main responsibility of a Sabhuku include; maintenance of the traditions and culture of the Zimbabwean people, wellbeing of the villagers  - Read More
Victor Bagu - Graphic Designer | 10 January 2014 |
The one common thing amongst all the passengers is the knowledge that they are all “going”  - Read More
Keeping the faith
Edith We Utonga - Musician | 10 January 2014 |
You must thank God your son had that urinary tract infection when he saved his life  - Read More
Hope in the slums of Kibera
Raymond Muwaniri - Social Development | 24 June 2013 |
Many Africans who go abroad seldom return, they send money back to their families which is great but what about the others  - Read More
Take a deep breath and take on Zimbabwe
Rodrick Longwe - Economist | 24 June 2013 |
Charity begins at home and how we treat others, and better still how we think of ourselves  - Read More