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Zubz  on stage at HIFA 21012
The assassination of hip hop
Ryan Chokureva - Graphic Designer | 23 June 2013 |
Africa needs to be very careful what we adapt, what we encourage and promote  - Read More
Mushroom cultivation in Zimbabwe
Nyasha Mupaso - Microbiologist | 23 June 2013 |
Mushrooms are a delicacy, over that there are many benefits,its such a nutritious food that is low in calories  - Read More
Keeping Heads Up in Harare
Masimba Biriwashe - Writer | 23 June 2013 |
Given the multitude of problems that Hararians have been through over the past decade, I expected to find quite a number of people walking with their   - Read More
Desmond Munemo - Relations | 23 June 2013 |
Greeting and smiling are not the only means through which humans can express their sense of oneness  - Read More
The Eradication of Poverty
Tendai Mufunda - Activist | 23 June 2013 |
There is a “Zim Clean” initiative which not only intends on cleaning the country but to also bring the community together in a spirit of oneness  - Read More
Towards an active citizenry…real change begins with each one of us
Pfungwa Nyamukachi - Writer | 23 June 2013 |
An active citizenry whose responsibility extends beyond personal gain and aspire more towards collective benefit  - Read More
Whats next they seem to be thinking
Whats next with HIFA?
Baynham Goredema - Designer | 21 May 2013 |
But after all these years its becoming a bit monotonous  - Read More
Comrade Fatso expalins why there were no women at the Shoko Press conference
Women in Hip Hop
Comrade Fatso - Activist | 19 May 2013 |
Momen have been a very very strong force in hip hop  - Read More
Comrade Fatso discusses the aims of the Shoko Festival
What Shoko Festival aims to achieve
Comrade Fatso - Activist | 19 May 2013 |
It’s about creating those spaces  - Read More
Comrade Fatso and Outspoken, the brains behind the Shoko Festival
Challenges of organising a festival in Zimbabwe
Outspoken - Musician/Activist | 19 May 2013 |
We needed to create that market just make something available for people  - Read More