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Lerato Maloka
Another Case of Lazy Creatives
Lerato Maloka - Social Activist | 21 November 2014 |
In the South Afrikan context, doeks have also been synonymous with apartheid, maids being made to wear doeks by their white employees  - Read More
Valerie Shamu
Masai Girl
Valerie Shamu - Visual Artist | 21 November 2014 |
Masai was inspired by the beauty of African tribes.  - Read More
Luke Brown
Is Tourism in Zimbabwe Recovering?
Luke Brown - Travel & Tours | 21 November 2014 |
The current condition of Zimbabwe’s tourism industry  - Read More
A Social Media Journey
Rutendo Mutsamwira - Artist | 21 November 2014 |
My social media journey began in 2003 when I was still a junior at Chisipite Senior School  - Read More
Scandals of a Priest
Upmost - Spoken Word Artist | 21 November 2014 |
Money for the love is the root got the loot  - Read More
In Memory of Paul Brickhill (1958 - 2014)
Paul Brickhill - Visionery | 21 November 2014 |
For me, everything that has taken place in my life appears to me as some kind of miracle, none more so than beloved Book Café, its artists and life!  - Read More
Tigere Chiriga
Tigere Chiriga and The Floating Mug
Tigere Chiriga - Entrepreneur | 21 November 2014 |
We went on to make $100, 000 in sales in the first year!  - Read More
Tinotenda Hondo - Writer/Blogger | 21 November 2014 |
Does a king or leader then not owe the people good governance and peace at all costs  - Read More
Nqobizitha Mlilo
Afrikan Animation, the Future Scrolls
Nqobizitha Mlilo - Animator | 21 November 2014 |
The animation industry in Zimbabwe as it stands has shown remarkable growth over the years  - Read More
The power of Waiting
Hope Masike - Musician | 21 November 2014 |
We live in a world that’s moving so fast, at times it’s hard to catch up  - Read More
State of the Zimbabwean Creative Industry
Maston Mbewe - Entrepreneur | 21 November 2014 |
Businesses are re-organizing and as usual the first industry to feel the pinch is the creative industry, and that is our Achilles heel  - Read More
Bete Size 10
Madzitateguru - Spoken Word Artist | 21 November 2014 |
Madzitateguru at the HIVOS Poetry Cafe  - Read More
10 Warning Signs That You are a ‘90s Kid
Zola Ndlovu - Lawyer / Writer | 21 November 2014 |
A list that every ‘90s kid will completely understand and every other human will find baffling  - Read More
Getting ZIMspired
Getting ZIMspired
Jennifer Schuchmann - Forester | 21 November 2014 |
Zimbabwe inspired me to start writing stories and songs.  - Read More
Prophets and the Saving Gospel
Isaiah Suwari - Gospel Preacher | 21 November 2014 |
Modern day prophets seem to be motivated by money and make sensational claims  - Read More
The Artist in You
Yemurai Mafi - Graphic Designmer | 21 November 2014 |
Being exposed to the greater side of art and design industries has transformed my perception and drive to break ground  - Read More
Heath Manyepa - Graphic Designer (1982 -2014)
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 21 November 2014 |
Paying our last respect to a great Zimbabwean designer  - Read More
They Never Come Back - Book Excerpt
Takudzwa Gezi - Writer | 21 November 2014 |
An excerpt from aspiring author Takudzwa Gezi’s debut book They Never Come Back  - Read More
African Gatsby Collection in sterling silver
Fashion in the Time of Cholera
Christie Brookstein - Jewellery / Leather Designer | 31 October 2014 |
An opinion on the Zimbabwean Fashion Industry by an insider working with an emerging luxury designer brand  - Read More
Bridging the Gap
Sekai Machache - Visual Artist | 31 October 2014 |
My family have always been extremely career focused therefore my creative instincts as a child were always met with a certain dismissal  - Read More