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Why stop the rain?
Christine Ndoro - Fine Artist | 02 October 2015 |
We can choose not to get caught up in the rain but the rain never chooses or discriminates us. It falls because its time has come.  - Read More
The Marriage Ring
Desmond Munemo - Relations | 02 October 2015 |
When a man and a woman come together to express their desire to spend the rest of their lives together and exchange vows, it is a beautiful thing.  - Read More
Nigel Zhuwaki - Photographer | 02 October 2015 |
Our level of awareness has increased and we have begun to question narratives that have in the past constantly shaped a false identity of who we are.  - Read More
Change of Philosophy - Key to the rise of Afrika’s youth
Archibald Mathibela - PR Consultant | 02 October 2015 |
Our forefathers and their forbears had enough courage for millennia to tackle bread and butter issues head on before you could swallow your spit.  - Read More
Dear Husband
Orpatience Muringai - Writer | 02 October 2015 |
I leave my parents, just for you. You leave yours also for me, It is all because of “true love”  - Read More
Mind the tomatoes
Wellins Chimusimbe - Journalist | 02 October 2015 |
Not so long ago did we joke and caution ourselves when in Harare to mind the tomatoes on the street pavements.  - Read More
POVOAfrika Climate Change Survey 2015 - Summary
Raymond Muwaniri - Social Development | 02 October 2015 |
It is important that students who are the future of the country have full knowledge on Climate change and all other aspects of Sustainable Development  - Read More
The complexity of race and colour relations in modern society
Tatenda Kanengoni - Writer | 02 October 2015 |
Imagine growing up in an era where you are saleable and consequently become someone’s property?   - Read More
Who is Medeya?
Medeya Dollarez - Model / Dancer | 09 May 2015 |
My first professional photo shoot was in 2005. I enjoyed modelling and the lifestyle that came with it, travelling and meeting famous people.  - Read More
Will you make the time?
Linda Gabriel - Poet / Activist | 09 May 2015 |
For all My Sisters’ Sake, I am tired of hearing phrases like, ‘I am busy’, ‘I am tied up’ and ‘I got a lot on my plate’  - Read More
Women of Ankore
Doreen Anyijukire - Accountant | 09 May 2015 |
In Ankore, women/ mothers are a great treasure. A home / house without a woman/ wife is a shame.  - Read More
A Lineage of Grace
Nyaradzo Dhliwayo - Photographer | 09 May 2015 |
A Photographic representation of women in the bloodline of Jesus Christ as black Jews.  - Read More
Marjorie Wallace - Zimbabwean ceramic designer
Marjorie Wallace - Ceramic Designer | 09 May 2015 |
Celebrated Zimbabwean artist  - Read More
Biochemist turned artist
Emma Thembani - Biochemist / Artist | 09 May 2015 |
I didn’t know I had it in me, this artistic side.  - Read More
Make your heart beat
Wincate Mathei Muthini - Marketing and PR manager | 09 May 2015 |
The best ideas are born from your creative heart beating  - Read More
Art in metal
Caroline Grobelaar - Fine Artist | 09 May 2015 |
I had just moved back to Harare from Cahora Bassa in Mozambique. We finally moved into our rented home and naturally I wanted to pretty it up!  - Read More
Heart Art Paintings
Zvafadza Soko - Artist | 09 May 2015 |
Nature & natural beauty inspire and guide the development of my work.  - Read More
Title: Coffee State of bean - Siren 6 by Audrey Anderson
Transforming real life moments in Johannesburg into a visual language of introspection
Audrey Anderson - Fine Artist | 09 May 2015 |
My work focuses on turning these ‘slice of life’ moments into narratives by complicating them in an illustrated or graphic novel-inspired way.  - Read More
Remembering Dambudziko
Barbra Anderson - Poet | 09 May 2015 |
My first experience with spoken word was on local television from Albert Nyathi  - Read More
#HIFA2014 - In and around HIFA
POVO Correspondent - Editorial | 08 May 2015 |
Taking a walk around HIFA, the Harare Gardens precinct area  - Read More