A List of quotations

Nqobizitha Mlilo
The future of animation in Zimbabwe is that the industry of artists must rise up and take on responsibilities that some may think are not theirs - Full Article
Hope Masike
I have learnt that in life there are things we have to work for, there are things we will get any ways, and there are also things we just have to wait for - Full Article
Maston Mbewe
I salute those who have managed to keep their heads up against all odd’s to make sure that they get that pixel or dapple that canvas with ink, wherever you are and whatever role you play in the Zimbabwean creative ecosystem - Full Article
In my immediate family there are three generations of women: my mother who grew up in the ‘60s, my sisters who grew up in the ‘80s and me. I’m the ‘90s kid. I’m the one they always laugh at because I studied Zimbabwean history, I didn’t live it - Full Article
Jennifer Schuchmann
Zimbabwe is not very well known in Germany. Little surprise that many of my countrymen first heard about Zimbabwe when I told them about my impending 6 month visit - Full Article
Our Zimbabwean curriculum needs restructuring and intensive campaigns need to be tabled to raise awareness that will guide the youth to choose a career they are talented in - Full Article
Takudzwa Gezi
Two years down the line we had social media sites, Facebook and whatsapp. Communication was easier and cheaper now. - Full Article
What Kilimanjaro unleashed in me was a can-do attitude and belief in myself! I realised that I was strong! I am a strong woman – physically, emotionally, and mentally! - Full Article
Rudo Chakanyuka
I wondered if it’s merely a coincidence, or does something about the word’s origins actually relate to women being the ‘root’ of society, the central nerve of human existence? - Full Article
Alice Tavaya
I am a portrait photographer with a touch of surrealism in my work. I love to do portraits of Afrikan women. I work a lot with fabric and skin tone, skin texture. I find those so dramatic - Full Article
Doreen Gaura
We can aim to dismantle the ever reductionist narrative somewhat and more importantly we can cease to legitimise and reinforce the problematic racialised inferiority imposed on us by Euro-centric supremacy - Full Article
Rumbi Katedza
A child bride at the tender age of 13. She spent the next fourteen years with her husband in Esigodini often crying herself to sleep as the relationship became abusive over time - Full Article
Rutendo Mutsamwira
It is a long term commitment to help empower African youth, entrepreneurs, developers, and business and civic leaders to turn great ideas into a reality that can help their community, their country, the continent and the world - Full Article
Tadiwa Martin
Being an Afrikan in the western world through my creative expressions I see barriers being broken. Barriers of ignorance and hostility which open up room for education and conversation - Full Article
Ruvimbo Moyo
Energy-efficiency is promoted with solar power and grey-water systems along with informed simple methods of construction that include building orientation, solar control mechanisms and thermal mass - Full Article
Alice Tavaya
Beef stimulates everyone to pull up their socks and stay on their A-game because you know your haters will take shots at you if you don’t - Full Article
The modern concept of luxury has become to own something that no one else can possess, something touched, finished and made unique by the human hand - Full Article
I have found it almost impossible to find other diaspora artists whose practice does not deal with themes of belonging, identity and the divided self - Full Article
Georgina Maxim
However difficult it is to make these objects relevant to our new found technology, I still worship them - Full Article
Rudo Nyangulu
Without registration at the clinic the nurses would not give her this vital medicine required to save her child from being born with HIV - Full Article