A List of quotations

Hope Masike
I also saw a society that either had to give up other cultural virtues in order to achieve all these social successes - Full Article
Chiratidzo Chiweshe
The world would have you view your femininity as a liability, a curse, a weakness. Something to be despised and destroyed, suppressed and crushed, not cherished and nurtured, enjoyed and celebrated - Full Article
Anthea Taderera
We might as well take the opportunity to express ourselves, our world views and our paradigms in the way in which we adorn ourselves and to do it with pride - Full Article
Annie Mpalume
Many people can be called Rasta because of the dressing or hair style but Rastafari is definitely a way of life - Full Article
Zanele Mhlaba
As I became older and my parents’ “protection” in the form of curfews and denials of permission to go out were no longer a factor - Full Article
Patience Tawengwa
We live in a very patriarchal society where women are expected to play the subservient and supporting role and women are viewed as objects to be taken care of and not to be financially empowered lest they get too wayward without a man’s guidance - Full Article
Alexia Paradzai
We need to broaden the horizon from the beginning so that girls innately expect more of themselves than has always been the mediocre norm - Full Article
Our mantra “building lives one day at a time” means with each step we want to rebuild their confidence, we want to rebuild their self-esteem and reshape their thinking so that one day they can fulfil the promises - Full Article
Wadzanai Chiuriri
Women naturally attach a profound value to sex because it is embedded in them from a tender age and by virtue of being human. - Full Article
Ntombikayise kanyoka
Society has set these standards for women to be forever young and that means that if you are over 21 and are curvy you have past your sell by date - Full Article
Christine Ndoro
A true man protects the women in his life. He should never be the force against whom they should fight.  - Full Article
Chipo Longwe
I believe it is a different ball game all together because every marriage experience is different and the training - Full Article
Barbra Anderson
Sometimes to love is to die. I loved once but I died inside - Full Article
Charmaine Mujeri
As our festival continues to grow we are constantly looking for new ways to make it exciting and appealing to women from all walks of life. - Full Article
There is no reason why government policies should still pander to the same whims of an absentee ruling class whilst the current interests of a nascent majority wallow in the intensive care unit  - Full Article
Masimba Hwati
We need new Images of Mbuya Nehanda, Sekuru Kaguvi, and Chief Mapondera - Full Article
David Chinyama
I see Zimbabwean art booming in the next year, say if there is change politically, socially - Full Article
Rumbi Katedza
You can go to school for it, but what I do believe is that experience is king - Full Article
Nqobizitha Mlilo
Africa Connected is a project where Google looks for Africa’s top content creators then they tell their stories - Full Article
Dr. Tony Mhonda
Art raises the perception of the reality of our cultural and economic networks and focuses on the african memory. - Full Article